December 31, 2013

Last post of the year!

... and I'm sick.
Like, literally, I can hardly speak and my nose is runny and my eyes 're streaming. Yikes.
Best conditions for a start in a new year - it can only get better >o<

I'll give you two pics on this 31st of December 2013 :3 Still from that sneaky comic project ;) And then I'm gonna go to bed again and sleep till' midnight.
Happy new year everybody! :D

December 19, 2013

It's nearly christmas, have some pics :D

Howdy, fellas! :D

First - I've finally got a tumblr ;) I'll upload the pics I'll post here as well as the old stuff and I reblog stuff I like and love, mostly art/design/animation/drawing and illustration stuff ;D
BUT the background information and my gibberish will stay here, because I'm one of these persons who don't like to read much text on tumblr ;)

And now, pictures! :D
I spent the most time this semester with the storyboard for our music video so I had to do lots of thumbnails and sketches on my gt, and HELL do I know little about layout and composition (good thing I had support by our cam girl Thesa >o<) . Most of it was try and error, but that 16:9 format is quite interesting, and I started to do some random sketches with my OCs, and I kinda like the results 8D I'd like to post some pics from the actual storyboard, too, but I have to go back and clarify that with my group, cuz Idk how touchy they are about "prepublications" ... ^^°
So, enough talking, PICTURES! :D

Nothing to say anymore. Have a nice weekend and a merry christmas or a nice holiday or whatever pleases you ;)
Take care! :D

December 2, 2013

....and I'll kick your face.

...literally! :D

and OH GAWD it's been more than a month since my last post... Argh. Okay. Probably there won't be a lot more the next time either... D: Because my studies are STRESSFUL AS HELL. Like, before christmas, I have to do an interview with a storyboard/concept person, we have to shoot our music video, shoot our documentary, record an audio drama and write an exam and do some paper for another course.

Help me.... :'D

Okay, most of these are group works, so the pressure and work is somehow spread cuz nobody has to work alone. But still, it's a shitload of work...

BUT, always look at the bright side of life, eh? 8D

By the way, our music video will be to the song "Space Invaders" of the band "Pornophonique" :D

But now - the promised kick in the face ;)

pencil and photoshop on copy paper

Oh HELL YEAH. I love drawing kicks and punches and material arts stuff, even if it's difficult and tricky most of the time ;) BUT IT'S FUN! :D And yes, it's Emma again! Unfortunately there are no news around the comic project... There is just no time left for a project that size... it's creeping forwards in snail's pace....yeah...

Same pic, but inverted. Think this is a great effect 8D

And, for those who are interested, the raw one ->

Which one do you like the most? :D And how are your studies/work/schoolworks going?

So, that's it from me, so farewell, see you soon.
Take care! :D

October 12, 2013


Hey fellows! 8D

How are you?!
I hope you had some nice free days, because..... I kinda didn't.
No seriously, I feel like I had no freetime at all - thanks to that animation title WE ARE STILL WORKING ON..... *phews* Well at least that will be finished next week but still. Wtf.  I didn't even drew that much in my few free days when I was away from my pc an that animation.
BUT now the worst is done and allthough the next semester allready began, I feel I have more free time now than in the whole summer XD
So - the hat is back!


Enjoy XD

.... aka simple questions get straaaaaaaaange answers.... yep XD
What do you think? 8D And what did you do all summer long? ^^

Have a nice day! :D

July 31, 2013

Kiss and sea turtles! :D

Hey guys, KISSING TIME! :D

I still can't draw a kiss showing heads as a whole XD

 But I really like the dirty look the pic has. I had some reference, but it was a whole bunch of pics and not one specific one. I think I like drawing on that paper size (A5), and I love landscape format more than portrait format.

Maybe it would be interesting to draw the comic in landscape form...

And now, SEA TURTLES!! :D

 In Vienna, there's a big aqua zoo named "Haus des Meeres" (house of the sea), and they have a 300.000 litre aquarium with some sharks and a sea turtle in it. The sharks swam too quickly to do nice photos of them, but the sea turtle was just there on the ground and WAS SO PRETTY AND BIG AND WOW.

Have a look at her prettieness :D

 That's a remora on her back. And yes, that turtle is big, I think the sign said 150cm.
That was really cool :D
If you ever plan to go to Vienna and have some time left, go and visit that aqua zoo. They have so much cute fish and that amazing turtle and they have SHARKS, dammit, even if they're too quickly for me to take good photos. Here's their website :D

Thoughts? 8D

July 13, 2013

Watercolor sketch

Hey out there! :D

No animations today, I'm working full capacity on that ballet-animation-thing. Maybe news from that at some point... ^^

BUT I have a (new) sketchbook and sometimes there are presentable pics in these XD

So, have this sketch of Emma:

Maybe I'm starting to like water colors :D What do you think?

Have a nice weekend!!

July 7, 2013

Freehand Animation!

Yiss! Summertime again!

And I'm sitting in front of my pc all day :'D Because besides the animation project for my film class I also try out animation for myself XD

Behold for my first second freehand animation! 8D

Isn't he pretty? XD
Maybe I'll try out coloring it (and get out the mistakes, gnnn... that damn smoke just dosen't look real! It would be probably easier if I'd smoke myself XD)
If you spot mistakes, leave me a commen please!

So, have fun and eat some ice cream! :D
See you soon! ^^

June 21, 2013


Hey there! 8D

Yeahhhh.....I have to write a report and a childrens book till tuesday and two exam tests on friday AND I have to cut some vids togehter till wednesday...let's start with something completely unrelated! 8D

So I told you a few times we're doing that animation for our title design in the film class; some weeks ago we did a test animation, rotoscoped from a random vid of a ballett dancer, and all of us did 3seconds of animation.
This is my part:

That's why I love animation, it's just too fascinating to draw something and then watch how it becomes something that actually moves :D
The hair is completely free hand btw ;)

Plus, before I went to Vienna last week (yes, I was in Vienna! It was pretty cool! But I had nearly no time to draw something XD) I drew this one somewhen deep in the night, just before I went to sleep. Basis was a gif I found... on tumblr or something... I dunno ^^°

Beware oft the sketchy lines! :D

Also I tried a freehand animation, but that will have to wait :( Too much to do!

 Yeah, and now I'm going to do something useful.  See you next week! ^^

June 8, 2013

New wallpaper

Hey out there! :)

I have a new graphic tablet :D Yay me! ^^
And although I have enough other stuff to do, I sketch and scribble around with it... :'D
This thing is so different from the gt I had before... I think I still need some time to get used to it... ^^° And because I'm a color noob, I work only black n white right now XD

So last week I made a new wallpaper for my pc:

Yes - it's Emma and Locks again ;) Sorry, can't help it. I hope the examination period won't eat too much of my energy, cause I want to get this thing started.

What are your plans for summer? Tell me! :D

And have a nice day ;)

May 31, 2013

And finally.... Meet Locks! :D

Ohai guys! :D

Please welcome the final main-main character, whose story that comic will be! :D

Tadaa :D
He likes stuff to be simple ;) The other things he likes are coffee, cigarettes, sports, Emma, Otis and his cat. There are grounds for the assumption that his wadrobe includes only his uniform, some black t-shirts and trunks, and, like, 20 times the same white shirt and jeans. But that's just a wild guess XD
And again, any wild guess? ;D

Meet his friends Emma and Otis, too  ;)

So! Now I'm off to cologne, RPC anyone? :D

Have a nice weekend! ^^

May 25, 2013

Meet Emma :D and listen to my complains XD

Hellloooo out there!

I have a shitload of stuff to do for my classes, and what do I do? Right - blogposts... Ahahahaha :'D

No seriously, there's a deadline for monday, we have to do stuff for film/animation class and I REALLY should do something for verbal communications... argh... D: Sometimes I have this feeling that I should face this studies more... different... but that would be another, text-only post :'D

#Back to pictures! :D
Remember this guy? He's part of the comic I'm working on, and I thought it would be nice if the other characters main characters would get some kind of introducement, too :D
If you read this blog regulary, you might allready met them. But this is a series of introduction, so just enjoy! :D

So - Meet Emma, first main character and Police Captain.

Addicted to coffee, sports and kung-fu-movies :D
 The red cup was a gift from Locks ^^ He's next in the line!

Thoughts, questions, wild suggestions? ^^

See you next week! :D

May 10, 2013

The craving for vengeance is born

Hey hello people!

Yesterday my beloved graphic tablet payed the debt of nature. May it rest in peace. Beware! Even wacom tablets will get broken if you soak them in coffee a night long...
That happend some time before. Actually, inbetween it was working fine and I forgot about that accident, but I unscrewed it after it did nothing (or better, nothing normal) anymore, and there is rust and/or oxidation on the active surface, so...
Handle your grapic tablet with care! They can work fine for more than just 4 years. Seriously! >_<

Okay, enough of this. I scribbled with pencils again! :D
Meet this amazing vengeful lady:

...guess pencil will forever be my tool number one... ^^;

Have a nice day! :D

May 3, 2013

Making stuff (or even pretending to while thinking about Iron Man)

Titledesign, to be specific.

Yep! I went from my illustration class and am in the film/animation class now. YAY! This semester's topic is title design, and we're doing front credits for an animated film about a dancing boy ;)
ANIMATION. YES!! ...which means our group will have to draw about 2800 pics to make the animation nice and fluid... .... ... yeah I don't want to think about that. DRAWING ANIMATION IS AMAZING! 8D Let's see how long it lasts till I'll write "Animation sucks!" XD
So that's the status from the studyfront 8D

Have some Otis now. Say hello! :D
And yes, doing strange stuff with his hands is his secret hobby ;) I really like his shirt and I think this time got the hair much better than much times before 8D
 Also, meet his pards Locks and Emma! :D 

Copic on marker paper, like so many times before  ^^; I should get over copics at some point. They're just f*cking expensive! >o<
 Have fun, a nice evening and a better weekend! XD See you soon! :D

PS: AFHAFLEWREKLSAFBHSDA AND HAVE YOU SEEN IRON MAN 3?! If not, go and see it. No, srsly. Except you're one of the people who can't stand changings from source material. But screw that, it's Ironman. 8D 

April 20, 2013

Blue Shark

Welcome again you people out there! 8D

You may now be introduced with some amazing piece of art, done in a breathtaking style, while using only a fineliner and a blue edding, accentuated only with a white ball pen...
Blah blah blah...
... let's skip that bullsh*t, I just love this pic from my sketchbook ;)

I'd like to go to an aquarium again. I was in a big one in Belgium once, and they had glass tunnels and corridors through the aquariums and you sometimes had sharks swimming next to you or over your head. Amazing! :D Do you've ever been to a aquarium? ^^

Have a nice day! :D

April 13, 2013

Long time no see - Screentone! :D

HELLOOOO out there! :D

Have you missed me? 8D Sorry for not posting that long time! There has been some shitty stuff and lots of nice stuff that kept me from my blog ;) BUT NOW I'M BACK! 8D How have you been lately? I hope you're allright ;D

I kinda rediscovered some traditional medias for me, such as screentone :D It's just so funny to work with XD  That pic was just a pencil sketch in my sketchbook, and when I found my screentones I inked it and threw some screentone on it ;)

Enjoy! :D

What do you think? Do ya like traditonal or digital stuff better? Or: What feels better to work with, but which result do you like the best? :D Tell meee! ^^

And have a nice day! :D Seeyaaa >o<

February 20, 2013

What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

"Six by nine. Forty two."
"That's it. That's all there is."
"I always thought something was fundamentally wrong with the universe."

Never read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"? ;) You missed something, go ahead and read it XD Or listen to it. Or watch at least the movie ;)


Because I have 42 Followers now, which is more than I ever thought I would have, and kind of a perfect number ;D  (but hey, I won't hit you if you want to be the 43rd... just go ahead ;D) In other words - THANK YOU! Again ;)


Nope. Sorry for that. ^^°
 But I will show you the last task (is that even the right word in that context?) I made for my illustration classes! YAY!  The task was to illustrate "Five ways to end a relationship" (yes, my academics are that crude (in a cute way ;D)), aaaand... yeah... I basically did what I always did - comicstuff 8D

If you have issues with brute force or violence, you should maybe skip this picture XD

Have a nice day! :D

February 11, 2013


I have 37 Followers. What the hell?!
Thank you so much! >o<

Back to topic ;D

Lots of bang bang bang here this time :D

Since it's some kind of semi-; pseudo-; wannabe- police-story  I'm woking on, there has to be SHOOTING SCRIBBLE PRACTICE 8D

...and of course with a character that won't even be in there. Enjoy! 8D
Click makes bang bang bigger ^^

All pencil in my sketchbook, with some PS-Specialeffects on it 8D YAY!

By the way, I'm planning to redo the design of this blog, so don't worry if it looks somewhen the next time. It's going to be more.. hat-like, since the description says "The one with that hat" ;) Hope you'll like it 8D

And. I have some freetime now, and I want to practice stuff, but I'm not 100% sure what to do. So what do you think I should definitely practice more? Suggestions*? 8D
It's not just stuff I did the last time, you can dig out stuff from last year and tell me "YEAH I WANT YOU TO DRAW MORE ANIMATION CUZ ITS AWESOME!" or stuff like that. Kay? ^^

Stay tuned! ;D

*Not what you want to see more, but what I should practice more, okay? "MORE BOOBS" is an invalid answer! XD

February 5, 2013

Weird underwater party! :D

Today's post is again: SCRIBBLES! 8D

Okay, maybe this aint a scribble anymore. I just couln't sleep at night and had to draw a dancing scene, and I somehow got lost on the scribble and began to threw copic color on it, and at last I also found my white ink pen and added some bubbles.

Enjoy! :D
(Click for bigger sight :D)

Blue blue blue! Yeah, the light here isn't the best, so it's even more sketchy in daylight.... fact, the light here is pretty shitty. Anyone knows these daylight-simulation-lamps? Are they worth the money? :/ I'm thinking of buying one as a birthday present for myself... XD

By the way, I'm nearly done with the stuff for this semester. Only one more research paper and I'm done. YEAH!! Holidays! Time for interesting private projects! Finally time to draw my comic! And fun! Action! Party! 8D or, actualy, lots of being-awake-at-night, sleeping the whole day, eating stuff you shouln't and incredible lazyness...

And, how are your plans? Or do you have holidays at all? ^^;

Stay tuned! :D

January 28, 2013

That guy in the caddy

It's been a while, and probably there will be some time till' I post again. Why?
Tests! Written examinations! DEADLINES!!!

Which also means, I'll probably show you some of the stuff I've done last time for these. Yay!

Have some scribbles now, so that I can go back to work ;D

Guys in shopping cards  8D This is more comfortably than it looks like. Sometimes I wished I had a shopping card for my own XD
But I got no place for that anyway.

They're from my sketchbook. I like to draw weird stuff the last time.... And city views! But it's too cold to sit outside at the moment.... Spring, I'm waiting for you! >o<

Btw, are these pics blurred on your screen, too?? (or too dark, too light... whatever, tell me) Because they shouln't.... or I've messed up some settings... gnn

Anyway, have a nice time! :D

January 18, 2013

Viva la procrastination!

It's super effective!"

Because if I have other stuff to do, I'm always creative enough to doodle around 8D

Page from my sketchbook. Multiliner, copic and white pigment liner.
... I love rainy pictures :D

Any tipps how I get myself back to the important stuff? :'D

January 14, 2013

Something unusual...

... for as it is without any person on it.

This pic was made for my illustration class, because we should illustrate some word with "head" in it. But you know, (nearly) everyone drew heads for that task, and I draw heads all day and so I wanted to do a picture that clearly illustrates a word with "head" in it, but without any head shown on the picture itself.

Guess which word 8D

It's basically ink on drawing board, with a fake background of photoshop layers on it.

My prof liked it  :'D
What do you think? ^^

Don't loose your head ;)

January 9, 2013

Still scribbling

...and hey out there! :D

How are you doin?

I'm currently stuck in the last weeks of my first term of design studies, YAY! Next semester will be more specified than this one (we have ten subjects now and will chose 3 of them to work on).

Soo... but of course I'm studying very, very hard right now (yeah, see these as some last words of a soul in despair :'D), there are still only scribbles, but YES, we absolutely love scribbles! That's also why you'll probably have them in the next post, too :'D

Beware, these are really scribbles, not like the sketches from the last post XD

That's how the term felt after the christmas holidays :'D...
 -"Come and get me, term, I'm ready for you!"
*term chose tasks. It's super effective! Critical hit!*

Yep, and this is what I produce when I'm trying to draw in a museum. First I took all my patience and drew some folds of a statue, and then I just wanted to take that lawn chair and hit somebody. Don't worry, I didn't.But that museum is fascinating, and a labyrinth... I don't think I would have found out of there alone :'D
What do you think? How's your life? What are your plans? :D

Have a nice day! :D

January 4, 2013

New year, new post

Long time no see!
Sorry for the break, now I'm back again :D

So first, THANK YOU, my 24 Followers! I hope you keep on enjoying the stuff here and keep on linking my blog wherever you can so that I'll get thousands and thousands of loyal disciples and will be able TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD SOON 8D

... okay, skip the last one. But keep on reading and having fun here ;D

And take some sketches more! 8D

Miss Roswitha today ;D

Many of my friends said they absolutely love this picture and adore her beauty and stuff and like that her face is detailed while the rest is still very sketchy. I think mainly she's too thin, even if this chara is supposed to be that thin... what do you think? :D

 A fellow student uses such a little suitcase in classes. I love it! It's so cute and different from all these same looking handbags ;D Don't you think? ^^

So, anything else to say?  Some new years wisdom maybe? 8D
Just one. Don't look back.
Have a nice day ;)

PS: I changed the textcolor to dark blue, cause someone said it would fit the rest of blogcolors better. Please tell me if you like this better, if you want the black back, if you like it or it makes the texts unreadable... anything!