January 28, 2013

That guy in the caddy

It's been a while, and probably there will be some time till' I post again. Why?
Tests! Written examinations! DEADLINES!!!

Which also means, I'll probably show you some of the stuff I've done last time for these. Yay!

Have some scribbles now, so that I can go back to work ;D

Guys in shopping cards  8D This is more comfortably than it looks like. Sometimes I wished I had a shopping card for my own XD
But I got no place for that anyway.

They're from my sketchbook. I like to draw weird stuff the last time.... And city views! But it's too cold to sit outside at the moment.... Spring, I'm waiting for you! >o<

Btw, are these pics blurred on your screen, too?? (or too dark, too light... whatever, tell me) Because they shouln't.... or I've messed up some settings... gnn

Anyway, have a nice time! :D


  1. Wie toll! Vor allem das erste gefällt mir total gut! Ich find beide haben einfach was, ich finde das einfach beeindruckend :)

  2. Du kannst wirklich toll zeichnen :o Ich werde eifersüchtig! :)

  3. Super Blog :-) Folge Dir jetzt und bin gespannt auf neue Bilder ...
    LG Maike von http://reisetage.blogspot.de