April 14, 2016

Smoke underwater

Hello readers! :D

Being underwater was always fascinating to me.
I love the light, the dull sound, the feeling of being surrounded by water and the comfort of floating in it.
And on the other hand you have this dull pressure, the knowing that you cannot fucking breathe and that you in fact don't have save ground under your feet to stand on. Not to mention all the known and unknown dangers that water holds. Which is why I never seriously considered to get a diver's license. The ocean is fucking terrifying!

Back to drawing!
This one started with a small scribble in my sketchbook, and I first wanted to draw the thing again on bigger, better paper and work from there. But I shortly after just scanned the sketch and worked from there. I'm still not over how amazing my new cintiq pen is. It's so amazing, really!

I really like the image of underwater stuff, but for some reason I hardly ever draw it? Maybe I should think of a mermaid story or something similar...

For comparison, this is the original sketch:

The biggest problem I had with inking (no matter if digital or analog techniques) is that I always had the feeling that so much of the dynamic of the original sketch gets lost when I do it, and it was so frustrating to see how amazing other people draw all kinds of dynamic stuff with ink. But I think I'm coming closer to the look I want to achieve every time I draw now, and that really really makes me happy :)

What do you folks think?

See you soon! ;)

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  1. Fantastic work. Ich mag diese wenigen Farben, die du so eindrucksvoll eingesetzt hast.