October 21, 2014

The good guys aka TEAM POLICE - Project LO

Hello out there! :D

Group photo time! XD I really like group pictures, but they're sometimes so annoying to draw ;) The only thing I love more is creating new characters, YAY! Seriously it's so hard to not bulk the story with unnecessary background informations about every single one of them XD .... but hey, short stories are always an option.. 8D

So, these are Captain Wu's best guys and girls ;)

Currently working on their profiles and storyboarding the first chapters .... building castles takes time.

See you next time! :D

October 12, 2014

A portrait of a fellow student

Heyho everyone! :D

I'm here again! ^^ After some cramped time with moving out and moving in there is some light on the horizont that it might be better soon. YAY!
But I still need to find a desk and a chair so that I can work on my PC again (yeah, I see the benefits of a laptop now... but who wants to work on a cintiq using a laptop?! 8D)
Anyways, some while ago (like, MONTH) I made a scribble of one of my teammates, because she is really pretty and wears such cute chlothes and has a great style so I just had to draw it XD
And finally worked it over in ps (getting better with digital inking, YAY). 
So, meet Beyzar! :D

Also, she wears hats! Instant bonus points in sympathy XD
What do you think? ^^
Love you all! :D