April 20, 2013

Blue Shark

Welcome again you people out there! 8D

You may now be introduced with some amazing piece of art, done in a breathtaking style, while using only a fineliner and a blue edding, accentuated only with a white ball pen...
Blah blah blah...
... let's skip that bullsh*t, I just love this pic from my sketchbook ;)

I'd like to go to an aquarium again. I was in a big one in Belgium once, and they had glass tunnels and corridors through the aquariums and you sometimes had sharks swimming next to you or over your head. Amazing! :D Do you've ever been to a aquarium? ^^

Have a nice day! :D

April 13, 2013

Long time no see - Screentone! :D

HELLOOOO out there! :D

Have you missed me? 8D Sorry for not posting that long time! There has been some shitty stuff and lots of nice stuff that kept me from my blog ;) BUT NOW I'M BACK! 8D How have you been lately? I hope you're allright ;D

I kinda rediscovered some traditional medias for me, such as screentone :D It's just so funny to work with XD  That pic was just a pencil sketch in my sketchbook, and when I found my screentones I inked it and threw some screentone on it ;)

Enjoy! :D

What do you think? Do ya like traditonal or digital stuff better? Or: What feels better to work with, but which result do you like the best? :D Tell meee! ^^

And have a nice day! :D Seeyaaa >o<