January 21, 2015

Throwing out all the old stuff


It's been some time, sorry for that. Life just ain't easy some times, and even if you have the time to fetch your hobbies in theory, life practice dosen't always work that way. So, thanks to all the people who are still following me, and sorry to all those who worried I might have given up here. A big hug to all of you!! (Also, if there would come the time I might REALLY give up on the blog or the story, I would let you know, bc it really unsettles me when people just stop posting. Who knows what happend to them??)

I even did some stuff, I just didn't manage to post it. Including some weird color experiments, YAY! So, new year, fresh start and let's throw out all the old stuff that was waiting in my little blogfolder to be shown to the world, wheee :D
Lets start with some bloodwork!


I like this picture very much. It's more a what-if than a piece that might happen in a story but I really really like how the colors turned out in this one.

And now let's go straight to the color experiments! :D

I think the one in the middle is my favourite, but I also like that weird pink thing on the right. Doing these was so much fun! :D Short after them, I made this one:

That might even be the same colors like the on above :D I love this one very much, although the colors ain't fitting the picture regarding content, but HEY! So much fun!

So, and in the end, we have some studies for light and composition, which ain't that exciting but I'll show you anyways ;)

I actually had some reference for these two but by now I lost them... :( I'll link them as soon as I find them! >o<

And that's it!!  YOU MADE IT TO THE END OF THE POST!! I am so proud of you! XD
So seriously, thank you for reading the whole thing.
Thank all of you for the loud or silent support!
I love you guys! Take care of yourselves!

Have a nice day! <3