December 31, 2013

Last post of the year!

... and I'm sick.
Like, literally, I can hardly speak and my nose is runny and my eyes 're streaming. Yikes.
Best conditions for a start in a new year - it can only get better >o<

I'll give you two pics on this 31st of December 2013 :3 Still from that sneaky comic project ;) And then I'm gonna go to bed again and sleep till' midnight.
Happy new year everybody! :D

December 19, 2013

It's nearly christmas, have some pics :D

Howdy, fellas! :D

First - I've finally got a tumblr ;) I'll upload the pics I'll post here as well as the old stuff and I reblog stuff I like and love, mostly art/design/animation/drawing and illustration stuff ;D
BUT the background information and my gibberish will stay here, because I'm one of these persons who don't like to read much text on tumblr ;)

And now, pictures! :D
I spent the most time this semester with the storyboard for our music video so I had to do lots of thumbnails and sketches on my gt, and HELL do I know little about layout and composition (good thing I had support by our cam girl Thesa >o<) . Most of it was try and error, but that 16:9 format is quite interesting, and I started to do some random sketches with my OCs, and I kinda like the results 8D I'd like to post some pics from the actual storyboard, too, but I have to go back and clarify that with my group, cuz Idk how touchy they are about "prepublications" ... ^^°
So, enough talking, PICTURES! :D

Nothing to say anymore. Have a nice weekend and a merry christmas or a nice holiday or whatever pleases you ;)
Take care! :D

December 2, 2013

....and I'll kick your face.

...literally! :D

and OH GAWD it's been more than a month since my last post... Argh. Okay. Probably there won't be a lot more the next time either... D: Because my studies are STRESSFUL AS HELL. Like, before christmas, I have to do an interview with a storyboard/concept person, we have to shoot our music video, shoot our documentary, record an audio drama and write an exam and do some paper for another course.

Help me.... :'D

Okay, most of these are group works, so the pressure and work is somehow spread cuz nobody has to work alone. But still, it's a shitload of work...

BUT, always look at the bright side of life, eh? 8D

By the way, our music video will be to the song "Space Invaders" of the band "Pornophonique" :D

But now - the promised kick in the face ;)

pencil and photoshop on copy paper

Oh HELL YEAH. I love drawing kicks and punches and material arts stuff, even if it's difficult and tricky most of the time ;) BUT IT'S FUN! :D And yes, it's Emma again! Unfortunately there are no news around the comic project... There is just no time left for a project that size... it's creeping forwards in snail's pace....yeah...

Same pic, but inverted. Think this is a great effect 8D

And, for those who are interested, the raw one ->

Which one do you like the most? :D And how are your studies/work/schoolworks going?

So, that's it from me, so farewell, see you soon.
Take care! :D