June 25, 2012

The drowned one - acrylic painting

If there is one thing in the world of paint I love, it is uncomplicated paint. 

Like acrylic paint. I love it. Its almost as forgiving as Photoshop ;) and not as nearly as uncontrollable as water colors. You don't have to worry about stripes as you have to while working with copics, and you have no reason to worry about edges like you have to with colored ink ;D

And you can do biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig paintings in a bearable time XD

But I'm working far too rarely with it.
I made this one just the last two days, and it's the first painting with acrylic since four or five years - the last one I made was when I was still in school.

It took me about 8 hours and I was proud and happy and had to show it around. And it appeared that the damn arm was just ....wrong. So the next day I went on and ....

...took the arm, painted over and painted it new, correct this time. The hand got lost cause the canvas was too small for that, but I think I like the new version more:

Yay! I really love acrylic. XD
The pic is 40*60cm, on canvas board, and it costs a nearly whole tube of white paint - I think I have to buy a larger tube next time. Or a whole bottle. Or a maybe a bucket..
What do you think?|D

 Have a nice time! ;)

June 21, 2012

Retro Experiments!

Or, more likewise, pseudo-retro-experiments 8D

Because I'm stuck with my comic and wanted to get used to more PS stuff.
If you have some funny PS Tutorials, show me! ;)

So, have a look at the strange pics I just produced.


They're kind of crappy, but I kinda like the stuff 8D Maybe I'll find someday a way to put that into a pretty picture XD

Have fun!

June 18, 2012

Constructive criticism

Yup, finally a new comic 8D

Constructive criticism is something frequently asked, not so much given and if, most times not even constructive ;D But if you gain some, it can help you a lot. Like A LOT.

And than there is criticism of pictures, that is hard, in the sense of HARD....

But hey, even that helped. Except the part where I just threw that pic away and didn't draw it again. But retrospective it was really, really poor drawn.

By the way, if you find grammar or spelling mistakes, please leave a comment, I'll correct it soon ^^

Have fun! 8D

June 13, 2012


....and sketching all day long.

Okay, that was a lie, I was barely home today. But I made some sketch of that comic project I'm currently (trying to) working on.... It's kind of shitty because the four sites that are ready (except of the post-editing and lettering) are gone with the portfolio for Nuremberg. Which means I'll have them back by the middle of July or something D: (And than I have to terrorize a certain person with a A3 - scanner to scan that stuff for me... 8D )

But well, maybe I'll have about a whole chapter than... Let's say we'll see at the beginning of august how far I got ;) It's 8 sites by now, and it's growing fast - at least in my head XD

So, have a sketch now.

Edding and fineliner on a sketchbook page :D

Have fun!

June 5, 2012

Headaces, technical things and Invincible again

Hi out there.

Yeah, so I spend nearly the wohle day with headaches. Headaches are bad for drawing.

So instead I picked my mouse into pieces, cause the left click kept on jamming. If you're like me, you always wanted to know how it looks inside that stuff we (nearly) every day use! 8D

Besides, the red arrow shows the cause of the problem, there is a not even one mm deep jag in the plastic. Damn sensitive technology! Trying to fix it with glue now, hope it works.... otherwise, new mouse than :B

But! I'm not going to leave you without showing you pictures again. Have some sketch at first!

Yap, Invincible fanart again. Viltrumites are just cool, but I want to see more of the females. There are so few of them! But they are so cool!

Colored version:
Copic on manga illustration paper.

I mean, they would be just so cool. DAMN cool.
And I kept imagining how the story would have gone, if Invincible's dad was his mum.... Are there au/genderswitch fanfic of that? Are there any fanfics to that comic?

Important questions keeping me awake ;D

Have a nice day/night/evening/morning (whatever time it is while you were reading this)