May 29, 2015


Hello out there! :D

A while ago I had the urge to splash around with ink, especially with the weird and awesome effects you can do with that stuff (and any other color that's just liquid and opaque enough). Liters of ink, opaque white and 2389 tissues later, this pic was the result:

 The katana-like daggers (shortswords??) are a little bit of a stretch for this character, as she usually would rather fight with guns or combat knifes, but standing in the aftermath of an explosion counts as an extreme situation and extreme situations require weird weapon choices. I learned that from action movies!

 Unfortunately I used an A3 drawing block, and was really unmotivated bc scanning it would have to be in parts and be put together afterwards (and I hate our scanner. GAH)... So this picture molded around here for some month. ANYWAYS motivation knocked and was like "AY let's do this!" and I scanned the damn pic! Luckily it was way less complicated than expected, and I had the black n white version you can see above on my pc, finally! 8D
Now the next step is obviously COLORS!! 
And while I still struggle with colors (as with apparently everything else) I really like the outcome of this one. I had a very weird orange version at first, and I'm really glad I just put it on the side for a few days and worked it around until this one below:

So, what do YOU think?

Take care of yourselves! <3

May 22, 2015

Blue Hood, Red Hands

Heyho everyone!

I'm back to drawing a lot in the last time, but unfortunately not much stuff I can post anywhere ^^° Sorry about that! But I'm also back to inking since I built myself a light box! YAY! That thing is helpful as fuck. And Idk but I think I prefer inking by hand over digital ink; but maybe it's just a question of the right brush settings (or a different tablet pen. Did I tell you my pen broke? I didn't realize how much I used that switch on the side until now. And now that switch is broken.... arfh. And these pens are fucking expensive....)

Anyways, after some hours fighting with the broken pen I had a result! :D

It's another character from the LO-Comicproject I drew some times before :)
And it turned out so great imo!! There was some fighting with details but I love the pose, the lines and I'm pretty happy with how the colors turned out :D Not that it has a big color palette but YAY XD
Maybe I'll print a poster with this at some point XD
And what do you think? :D

So, now get a big hug to all you people visiting my blog! ^^ Especially the silent ones ;) I love you all :D

See you soon <3