May 22, 2015

Blue Hood, Red Hands

Heyho everyone!

I'm back to drawing a lot in the last time, but unfortunately not much stuff I can post anywhere ^^° Sorry about that! But I'm also back to inking since I built myself a light box! YAY! That thing is helpful as fuck. And Idk but I think I prefer inking by hand over digital ink; but maybe it's just a question of the right brush settings (or a different tablet pen. Did I tell you my pen broke? I didn't realize how much I used that switch on the side until now. And now that switch is broken.... arfh. And these pens are fucking expensive....)

Anyways, after some hours fighting with the broken pen I had a result! :D

It's another character from the LO-Comicproject I drew some times before :)
And it turned out so great imo!! There was some fighting with details but I love the pose, the lines and I'm pretty happy with how the colors turned out :D Not that it has a big color palette but YAY XD
Maybe I'll print a poster with this at some point XD
And what do you think? :D

So, now get a big hug to all you people visiting my blog! ^^ Especially the silent ones ;) I love you all :D

See you soon <3


  1. I like it very much!
    btw: jageg is Korean for what?^^

    1. Thank you! :D
      ģžź° should mean "assassin" if my research didn't fool me ^^