March 27, 2015

"The faceless girl" - Part 2 - Color

Heyho everyone! :D

As I promised, the pictures from the post before - now in COLOR!

Color done in Photoshop. A klick will make them bigger as usual ;)

Again, I tried to illustrate different daytimes/light situations and surfaces - which is so much more easy with color. At last I with this pictures it was!

Pencil-outlines are always a little bit messy to work with, because you usually don't have the clear borders ink has, and with a black n white scan too much gets lost. I'm still trying to find a better solution here (suggestions and tips always welcome), even if I really like how they turned out here! :>
My favourite is the third one; I've always disliked grey and brown, but they look so great. I might even overcome the aversion against these colors, if they always turn out to be so harmonious ;D Do you have a favourite? :D

That's it from me now, see you soon ;)

Experiment bonus:

Take care!

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