July 31, 2013

Kiss and sea turtles! :D

Hey guys, KISSING TIME! :D

I still can't draw a kiss showing heads as a whole XD

 But I really like the dirty look the pic has. I had some reference, but it was a whole bunch of pics and not one specific one. I think I like drawing on that paper size (A5), and I love landscape format more than portrait format.

Maybe it would be interesting to draw the comic in landscape form...

And now, SEA TURTLES!! :D

 In Vienna, there's a big aqua zoo named "Haus des Meeres" (house of the sea), and they have a 300.000 litre aquarium with some sharks and a sea turtle in it. The sharks swam too quickly to do nice photos of them, but the sea turtle was just there on the ground and WAS SO PRETTY AND BIG AND WOW.

Have a look at her prettieness :D

 That's a remora on her back. And yes, that turtle is big, I think the sign said 150cm.
That was really cool :D
If you ever plan to go to Vienna and have some time left, go and visit that aqua zoo. They have so much cute fish and that amazing turtle and they have SHARKS, dammit, even if they're too quickly for me to take good photos. Here's their website :D

Thoughts? 8D


  1. This picture is just bloody amazing! My mouths always look kinda weird =O

    1. Thank you! Mouths can be tricky, mine looked weird often, too :D Just keep practicing ! <3

  2. I don't sure if you will see it , but would u post a video ahowing how to draw the kissing drawing ? it's just perfect !

    b.t.w I googled 'kiss drawing' and your drawing was at the top drawings ;)