February 21, 2015

It's Wu again

Hello again everyone! :D

Last time was full of stuff again. I went to Berlin to visit some friends, met a friend I only knew online for years the first time in real life and went to the Making Games Talents in Munich. It was all great fun! :D
>>Also, if you read this, dear person I met at the MGTs, I loved your drawings!! Please contact me, bc you were really cool and unfortunately I don't have any contact info of yours, and I'd really love to see more of your comic! :D <<

So, enough of this (who reads this anyway) and more for drawings!

It's Wu again, and I somehow managed to deal with my long time enemy "black ink" - I really really love how the outlines look, and I think I worked out the colors fine, too.

Her hand is what I love especially of this picture. But allover, this is one of my favorite pictures I drew of her 'till now :D
Of course I did a pencil drawing underneath the ink, and traced to a more ink-friendly paper. Have a look at this:

 The pencil-version is more rough, and thou' I love the rough look of pencil, this is one of the very few moments I love the ink and color version more than the pencil picture.
What do you think? :D

Take care of yourselves! Eat more vegetables! No really, more and more people are ill here at the moment, so really, take care. 

I love you! See you soon! :D