December 21, 2012

Scribbletime the 2nd, with an UZI

More scribbles!

And new pics this time! :D
Poses still influenced by Bleach, used media pencil on copy paper and fancy photoshop effects overlayed 8D

Have fun!

 No idea why she's holding a poorly drawn uzi, at first it should've been a normal gun... but it happend to be an uzi. well....
Favourite part of the pic: Her face :D

And I really like this one. Even if he looks a little bit too young for his real age in this pic...
Fav part of this pic: His plaid shirt :D

There will be colored versions of these two! Outlines are ready, I just have to find some time to get them colored. Uah. Probably some time after christmas.

Have a nice end of the world! :D

December 16, 2012


Yep, scribbletime!

Like I said in some post earlier, I'm going to post some sketches and scribbles! 8D
Because I scribble around a lot since my classes began... like.. a LOT... I got a sketchbook at 1st Dec, and it's nearly filled by now. New record for me! 8D And I need a new sketchbook. Again. Damn. ^^°

So, let's begin with some pre-scribbles of pics you allready know! :'D

 Both pencil on ordinary copy paper, poses inspired by Bleach ;D


Chill out, you'll have new pics.
Next time! 8D

See you around! ;D

PS: Blogspot was showing me an error, that it tried to publish or save this entry but couln't. The weird thing is, I didn't even try to save or publish it till now, and it appeared like 10 times in the last 15 minutes. Wtf is going on? And I had troubles to fit in the pics, because blogger wouldn't react if I klicked on "add picture" several times.... am I the only one? Is that a bug? D:

December 12, 2012

Copic resurrection

I didn't use my copics for month now, and I was thinking about reselling them again, because digital stuff has its pros. But I nearly forget how much fun working analog is, and now I'm thinking of raising my copic colors and buying some polychromos... :'D

...and this is the result of the resurrection:

As said before, colors with copic markers. Outlines with multiliner on marker paper, scribble with pencil on copy paper. Pose inspired by Bleach :'D

The character will appear in the comic I'm working on - be curious... ;D
Criticism, anyone?

Have a nice day!

December 7, 2012

Exhausted. Scribbles?

Now that week was exhausting.

Not even because of lots of homework or something, but because we have to choose 3 of 10 classes next month, and that leads to discussions who will get in which course. Phew.

Also, I'm mostly scribbling the last time, so you'll probably get formerly scribble-mingle-mangles the next time.


Water color on water color paper, amazing model was Olivia Odd again, who went back to USA some time ago. Have a good time, girl! Hope I can draw you again some day in the futur! :D

Sleep well, guys.

November 28, 2012

Colors and Catastrophes

Bad news first:
My graphic tablet dosen't function anymore; more precisley the active area, where you draw with a pen. Probably something corroded inside because of that time I bathed it in coffee... (so, don't do that to your tablets. Get an extra-table for your coffee cup or something. D: )


No, definitley not ^^; Good thing I can scan my stuff in better quality now, and I currently got back to copic colos; and somewhen next time I get water colors again. YAY! 8D (Btw, is anyone interested in scribbles and sketches? I've done LOTS of that last time... no, the classes are very interesting! ;) )
And last but not least, I can still try to color with my mouse 8D

There you go:

 Photoshop, as most of the digital stuff, outlines made with copic multiliner on marker paper. Some interchapter-pic in Bleach was reference for the pose ;D

Eye-cancer anyone? There's a pencilversion, too, and may be a copic version at some point.

Have a nice time 8D

November 20, 2012

Yes, this is shameless fanservice.

But as we all know, fanservice ain't for guys only ;D

If I mark this as a preview-poster of my comic, would anyone think it's porn??
I ask 'cause apparently there are some strange connections made this time; As an example, I was sitting in the common room, drawing a pic with two guys on it - and while I was drawing, three guys came up to me and asked, whether "they're together, like a couple" or what.
What the f.... I'm still wondering why they made that connection?!  (I mean yes, sometimes I draw gay couples and stuff, but I bareley knew these people and they didn't knew me and these guys on the pic weren't even touching each other (in a way that could have been interpreted as gay... whatever))
Maybe it's "A girl drawing "comics" must mean she's drawing "manga" must mean she's drawing yaoi"? 8D

I'm not even angry or something, I'm just massively confused how they made that connection ;)

Have a nice evening! 8D

November 7, 2012

Self-portrait and artists...!

Hey there!

So this is the first thing I did for my studys that I can actually show anyone! 8D

Everyone was like, "Awwwwww! She's sooo cute! Look at her dark circles around the eyes! And the fluffy haaair..."

Okay, I lied. Let's skip that part. It was praised and criticized, and all in all it was okay. There could definitely things I could have done better ^^°

And now, I will randomly change the subject to talk about something that bugged me for some time now - artiiiists! 8D

Several people have asked me the last time, why I react kind of negative when someone uses the term 'artist'.
First, I don't have a problem with someone calling someone else an artist.
I neither have a problem with someone calling me an artist.
I don't even have a problem with someone calling himselve an artist. Because there's no such thing as a strict definition of an artist, so anyone who likes it is allowed to be an artist.

What I do have a problem with, is the attitude that so very much people have, when they call themselve (or others) artists. There was a time when I was very active as a constructive critic on some forums and online galleries, and whenever I stumbled on a good picture that had some hard flaws on the other side, I wrote a constuctive critic under it. (I mainly corrected anatomy and stuff like that) Most times, I got reactions like "hey, thanks for the tips, I'll have a look at that next time!, and everything was nice and fluffy and full of unicorns and flowers.
But there were also these nice people on the internet (also in real life, but they were more subtle then) who didn't take criticism well. Which lead to reactions like
"What are you stupid? This isn't wrong, this is my STYLE!! I'm allowed to draw that way, cause I'm an ARTIST!"
Well, there's good wrong anatomy, when it all fits together*, and there's bad wrong anatomy, where it looks like your drawings are suffering from involuntary and unhealthy deformations.
And if the last is your "style", than fuck you, your 'style' sucks. To read more 'bout style or not style, have a look here.

"Artist" has somehow become a cheap word, used by people to lower others down and put themselves over them, and I don't want to play that game.

You're simply not an artist if you can't take on criticism and don't want to develop your 'art' and yourself.

So - that's why I don't really like to be called an artist, or like to hear how other people call themself artists..

In the end it's all about ignorance and people who use the words 'art' and 'artist' to legitimate themselves.

Have a nice day! 8D

*such drawing styles like Picasso, Naoko Takeuchi, Arina Tanemura, Anke Feuchtenberger, Kye Y. Chon, , Kandinsky, Ai Yazawa, and many many many more....

October 29, 2012

Very dark problems

Guess what about?

Yes - inking! 8D (no, I'm not writing about autum/winter depression here XD)

So there are several ways to ink something, and all of them look slightly or entirely different. And I'm struggling which way to go down with my comic, 8D

 Manual ink at first. Rough vs. clean lines. Both look cool, both are time consuming; for the rough one it's hard to find a balance between dirty and dynamic, the clean one will tax my patience. 8D

Digital ink. I think I won't go down this route, cause it's time time saving and consuming at the same time. You can correct till it's perfect, but for me it's hard to get a right stroke in the first place, so I'm correcting 90% of the time...

...or I just let ink be ink and go for pencil only. In that case, I need a good scanner ;)

Well, well.

What do you think? 8D

October 16, 2012

5000 CLICKS!!! and comic 'news' ;)

... and I have only boring stuff to tell you. But wow, 5000 hits on this blog. Thank you guys! :D

"Yeah you know, nothing is for free. GIVE US PICTURES."

Ya well... I don't really have some. No really. I have stuff to do. Studying, working... that kind of stuff, you know?

"We thought you're studying DESIGN! AINT THAT WITH PICTURES!"

Not .... yet???? Actually it's amazing how little we've done 'til now. The only subject which hits in with the power of a jumbo jet is Film/Animation, where we have to script, shoot and produce a commercial till the end of term. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK. THIS IS AMAZING.
Aaaand seems like a shitload of stress. YAY! Let's hope the rest of the subjects won't take too much space in the date book XD

But! Months ago I told you about that comic project I'm working on. I didn't forget that thing!

This is the status:

(don't try to zoom in, you can't read anything anyway ;D)
First rough storyboard of part one COMPLETE! 8D 'round 80 pages (4 pages per one sheet of paper), part 2 is on work and part 3 is written down and waiting.

Meet one of the minor characters, the amazing Miss Watson! 8D

 Okay, before you start to shitstorm me with "YOU STOLE THAT FROM ELEMENTARY!!!111ONE", that's not her real name. And I didn't watch the series (yet). ;)

So! The only thing I have to do now is work over these pages again, complete the other 2 parts, work over them again, draw them, ink them, scan them, correct them, letter them...... I have to go, I have a film project to do. Bye!! :D

October 8, 2012

"University of applied Sciences" - translated: "FH"


Okay, in fact "University of applied Sciences" means "Fachhochschule", but most people will rather use FH  ([ɛf.haː]) than the longer version. Because people are lazy ;D

So! My courses in Nuremberg will start tomorrow, beginning with photography, and I'm excited how the stuff will be XD (and if I'll have any free time left ;)

Oh yeah, and I somehow made it into a student dorm (or hall of residence, if you prefer british english ;D) after I paniced a long time where I should live that time ^^ Everything went well! Its amazing, I hope it'll stay that way XD

"Stop talking about your life, nobody gives a shit. This is an art blog! WE WANT TO SEE PICTURES!"

Yeah okay, I give you pictures.XD

 How about this?

"BOOH, PENCIL! Give us colored stuff at least!"


Happy? ;D

Okay, I'll give you something that moves, too: A little wip! 8D

So, I hope you' re happy now ;)  By the way, don't try that at home. Riding your motorbike in heavy rain WITH NO HELMET ON will probably get you killed. XD Yup that girl isn't what you would call a role model.
 So! See you soon, I hope. I actually have no idea how or when I will do the next post - that depends on how much time the university of applied sciences and all the surrounding stuff will eat. 

Have a nice day! ;D 

September 25, 2012



Another amazing drawing session with Olivia Odd ! :D

These are 3-5minute Sketches, pencil only. Enjoy! :D

Yeah! :D

September 17, 2012

Ranting and Bubbles.

Hey out there!

I'm currently stuck in some deep hole, cause the one half of the world seems to be a gigantic red tape monster that is hunting me with requests and applications, and the other half is the half that offers rooms and flats on the internet and dosen't react on any request. Seriously. I've written lots of requests on flats and roof offers and I recieved only two reactions back, both with a "sorry the room is allready rent to someone!"

......and time is running out. Help, anyone? Am I doing something wrong? Searching on the wrong places?  :(

Anyway, I'm trying out photoshop brushes at night and slowly but steady I get used to them.
Do you remember this post? :D (If not, click on the damn link!) Instead of working the pic out with the pencil I scanned it and just throw digital color on it. 

I love the bubbles. 

Have a nice day! 

September 13, 2012

Model sketches

Hey out there!

Some time ago, I had some amazing drawing sessions with an amazing model again :) And I produced a massive amount of sketches and doodles during that sessions, so have some of the black/white 2-Minute sketches!

You can find the model here, and let me tell you that she's very awesome ;)


It's all fineliner and a broad marker.

Stay tuned!

September 10, 2012

There was something....

....called a blog 8|

Which I neglected carelessly the last time. Sorry for that!
Reason is, I decided to go to Nuremberg (mainly cause I can study film/animation there), and since than I'm trying to find a place to move.
And either I'm too stupid or too blind or too whatever, but I don't really find anything that's affordable... and why do some people only offer contact online, when they don't reply on any Email? Gnah. If anyone has a hot tip for any website or something, right now I'm thankful for any advice ^^°

But inbetween, while panic had some rest periods or just went out to get some coffee, I kept on drawing ;D

Doing a quick pencil sketch:

And doodling with brushes and colors afterwards:

Sandstorm, yay! 8D This is my favourite version, but I like this one as well:

What do you think?

Have a nice day! :D

August 16, 2012

Portfolio, Part II

Hey there!

This is the second part of my portfolio, the series "Nähe" (can be translated as"adjacency", "contiguousness", "vicinity" but also "close to", "near" or "around") , for Krefeld - complete this time.

You might know the first one cause I allready uploaded it, but it belongs here for the completeness ;)

Emotional and physical closeness.

Emotional closeness but physical distance.

Physical closeness but emotional distance.

And another kind of a physical and emotional closeness, I think the people in Krefeld liked this one especially.

They're all water color and fine liner :)

Have a nice day!

August 14, 2012

Portfolio, Part One :D

Yup, as promised. Pic-heavy!

First stack is a series of my favourite boots, starting with some sketches:


.... because art schools LOVE sketches and rough paintings and stuff. Hell knows why.

And some people might know parts of the finished ones allready cause I made them in ... January or so, and uploaded them somewhere I think :B

Pencil, soft pastels, copics, water colors and of course my new rock boots :D

There might be no post tomorrow cause I'm away all day, but on Thursday I'll be back.
Have a nice, warm summerday! XD

August 13, 2012

And another one

Or, more precise, the last one of the pictures from that drawing session.

 Copic, Edding, pencil and some grunge effect with Photoshop. And if I hadn't miscalculated the her size while drawing her on the picture, you could have seen the nice flower she held in her hand, sorry ^^°

And another effect one, which happend just randomly, but looked cool:

........yeah, and that's it! Next time you'll finally see the portfolio pictures that I promised long time ago ^^

Have a nice day! :D

August 10, 2012

The one with that dog ;D

Heyo out there! :D

As before, from the drawing session, this time featuring Lua, who you might know from this strip ;D

Copic, Edding, fine liner on ordinary paper.
By the way, HELLOOO!! to my 8th follower! :D

Have a nice weekend, I'll be back monday! ;D

August 9, 2012

Pale lady

....because there wasn't enough time for deep black with this picture ;)

Pencil and Copic again.
I think of all the pictures I made that evening I like the pose and the shading of arms and legs on this the most.
And I really want to draw more often with real people!

Have a nice day ;D

August 8, 2012

Copic Sketch

Hello there!

There is some stress with that schools and life and work and stuff all around, but I'm trying to get back to the daily post thing!
So have a drawing, even if it's only one :D

From the session again. There are still some left, but I have to prepare them to upload first, and that needs some time :B
This one is pencil and copic, a five minute sketch I think. (there was some varity between five to fifteen minutes per image, and they've been shuffled a little :B)

Have a nice day, see ya tomorrow! ^^

August 7, 2012

I promised you more!

And here we are! 8D

This time with pencil, ink and gray ink :D

More tomorrow!! :D

Have a nice day XD

August 6, 2012

All good things come in threes!!!

Like, it's the 3rd year I'm trying to get into design studies, I failed at three qualifying examinations in the past, I made three qualifying examinations this year, and I was accepted at three colleges of higher education! ;)
Which are Krefeld, Düsseldorf and now Nuremberg! 8D

So let me use some gifs to describe my feelings XD


So, and have some scribbles, too ;D

They're from some drawing session which were themed "crime noir". These are 3 minute pencil sketches, tomorrow you'll get more! ;D

Have a nice day! XD

July 16, 2012

Drowning in stuff but finished examinations

Hey out there!

Long time no post, but there was so much stuff going on.

First, the last qualification test wich was for the school in Nuremberg - jeez, they have heavy requierements. Comparing to Krefeld, where you were supposed to bring a portfolio with ~20 works in it and present the stuff, it was really huge - first the portfolio test (I passed in June) in which they asked for 30-40 works, and now the test itself.
It was split on two days, on the first there was a typography test and a storyboard test to do,  and on the second day they had special tests for the three study paths (Illustration, Film&Animation, Photography), where I choosed illustration. We had 3 hours for each task and it was enough time, but in the end of the day you were just .... dead because of the hours of concentration you were invested in ;)
(Btw I hope I'm not writing total bullshit here, I don't feel very well at the moment. And am kind of tried...)
Anyway, I was housed at my friend Lisa and her amazing family again. Thanks for that, you are so cute, I love you guys! :D

By the way, next time I'm gonna upload the whole stuff of the portfolio(s), might put that in miniseries, but I need either better light to take photos or a bigger scanner. We'll see! Will work at any point. Yay!

Last but not least, have a drowning person again.

All pencil and still rough and unfinished but I like it. 
Ignore the mistakes, take a marshmallow instead.

July 2, 2012

The big YAY...

...which is, that I made it.
......some of you might allready know, but.....
My portfolio passed the test in Krefeld! 
That means I can start there in October 8D And I got a letter from Nuremberg, that I passed the portfolio test there, too, and am invited to the qualifying examination next week. Challenge accepted!
Might be hard to choose between Krefeld and Nuremberg when I might pass the test there too XD

And some moar picture for those who allready knew I passed:

I played with a modified standart brush here, and I still like to play around in the great sector of digital painting, but it's kind of unsatisfying... on the one hand, to get to the real hardcore naturalistic stuff, I need much more practice, and on the other hand, that hardcore naturalistic stuff don't interests me that much - cause if you need photorealism, you can go and take a photo, don't you?

I think the sense of a picture in this time is to see, that it's a picture - in a good way ;)

Have a nice day! :D

June 25, 2012

The drowned one - acrylic painting

If there is one thing in the world of paint I love, it is uncomplicated paint. 

Like acrylic paint. I love it. Its almost as forgiving as Photoshop ;) and not as nearly as uncontrollable as water colors. You don't have to worry about stripes as you have to while working with copics, and you have no reason to worry about edges like you have to with colored ink ;D

And you can do biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig paintings in a bearable time XD

But I'm working far too rarely with it.
I made this one just the last two days, and it's the first painting with acrylic since four or five years - the last one I made was when I was still in school.

It took me about 8 hours and I was proud and happy and had to show it around. And it appeared that the damn arm was just ....wrong. So the next day I went on and ....

...took the arm, painted over and painted it new, correct this time. The hand got lost cause the canvas was too small for that, but I think I like the new version more:

Yay! I really love acrylic. XD
The pic is 40*60cm, on canvas board, and it costs a nearly whole tube of white paint - I think I have to buy a larger tube next time. Or a whole bottle. Or a maybe a bucket..
What do you think?|D

 Have a nice time! ;)