October 8, 2012

"University of applied Sciences" - translated: "FH"


Okay, in fact "University of applied Sciences" means "Fachhochschule", but most people will rather use FH  ([ɛf.haː]) than the longer version. Because people are lazy ;D

So! My courses in Nuremberg will start tomorrow, beginning with photography, and I'm excited how the stuff will be XD (and if I'll have any free time left ;)

Oh yeah, and I somehow made it into a student dorm (or hall of residence, if you prefer british english ;D) after I paniced a long time where I should live that time ^^ Everything went well! Its amazing, I hope it'll stay that way XD

"Stop talking about your life, nobody gives a shit. This is an art blog! WE WANT TO SEE PICTURES!"

Yeah okay, I give you pictures.XD

 How about this?

"BOOH, PENCIL! Give us colored stuff at least!"


Happy? ;D

Okay, I'll give you something that moves, too: A little wip! 8D

So, I hope you' re happy now ;)  By the way, don't try that at home. Riding your motorbike in heavy rain WITH NO HELMET ON will probably get you killed. XD Yup that girl isn't what you would call a role model.
 So! See you soon, I hope. I actually have no idea how or when I will do the next post - that depends on how much time the university of applied sciences and all the surrounding stuff will eat. 

Have a nice day! ;D 

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