November 11, 2015

Yup, I'm still alive

Hey y'all,

I'm still alive! Wheeeeee!

My life is a mess and I'm trying to work around it. Anyways! Have this little piece I made in Inktober (yeah don't wait for much more from that, it's pretty much the only thing I made)


"But what did you do all summer long?!"
I animated the ass of a cow! 8D No srsly, that was a real job. Maybe I can upload that at some point. Oh, and I'm working on the cover for a novel! See, there are more things to come ;)
Just stay tuned ;)
See you all!

June 20, 2015

Wu's Task Force

Helllooooo everyone! :D

Time for another group pic! ^^ Last time you got the whole division, this time it's the hard core of Wu's gang ;)

From top-left to right:
Seamus O'Riley, Sindile Ramonas, Fermín Selby, Ted D. Locks, Emma Wu and below them screamimng Diana Tennyson.

Done from a rough pencil sketch as always, inked by hand and colored in PS CS6 :D

Maybe I'll try that one with a more dynamic background at some point, but right now I like it pretty much :D  What do you think? ^^

Have a nice day, see you next week! :D

June 5, 2015

Mad Max:Fury Road ~ Valkyrie

Heyooo it'sa me, Naki again! :D

And yup, I actually did something I don't do often: FAN ART!
And of course, it's Mad Max: Fury Road fan art. Because it's the best freaking action movie in like, a decade? Or two? Okay, the last time I had the urge to watch a movie over and over again, it was Captain America: The Winter Solider, which is not that long ago. The motivation then was almost the same as now; a great story, cool, developed characters and awesome action*. And MM:FR is so good in all of these and even more. Like, I can't even remember when I saw that much kickass women in a movie?! I love Black Widow, but she stands kinda lonely between the other avengers**. And this has like, a bunch of warrior women in it, and I love every single one of them.

Especially Valkyrie!

She dosen't even have that much screentime, but gah, I think from the Vuvalini she's definitely my favorite, close followed from the Keeper of the Seeds. Hand to the heart, Furiosa is unreached on the top of everything, but Valkyrie is like, standing next to her on the ranking. And she really deserves more appreciation! >o<
I started out with a pencil sketch as always, and finished analog work with the ink version:
Now I think I could have put some more dirt in the ink version, kinda like the stuff in the background from the post before this one. But whelp, noted for the next time!

So, what do you think? Did you watched Mad Max: Fury Road? :D

Have a great time and a sunny weekend! <3 ^^

 ~ Naki

 * and an awesome soundtrack, great dialogues, great stunts, cool new characters, a great antagonist, FEELINGS, and, you get the idea.
**And I hated her arc in Age of Ultron. How can you fuck up a characterization that bad? Gnarf.

May 29, 2015


Hello out there! :D

A while ago I had the urge to splash around with ink, especially with the weird and awesome effects you can do with that stuff (and any other color that's just liquid and opaque enough). Liters of ink, opaque white and 2389 tissues later, this pic was the result:

 The katana-like daggers (shortswords??) are a little bit of a stretch for this character, as she usually would rather fight with guns or combat knifes, but standing in the aftermath of an explosion counts as an extreme situation and extreme situations require weird weapon choices. I learned that from action movies!

 Unfortunately I used an A3 drawing block, and was really unmotivated bc scanning it would have to be in parts and be put together afterwards (and I hate our scanner. GAH)... So this picture molded around here for some month. ANYWAYS motivation knocked and was like "AY let's do this!" and I scanned the damn pic! Luckily it was way less complicated than expected, and I had the black n white version you can see above on my pc, finally! 8D
Now the next step is obviously COLORS!! 
And while I still struggle with colors (as with apparently everything else) I really like the outcome of this one. I had a very weird orange version at first, and I'm really glad I just put it on the side for a few days and worked it around until this one below:

So, what do YOU think?

Take care of yourselves! <3

May 22, 2015

Blue Hood, Red Hands

Heyho everyone!

I'm back to drawing a lot in the last time, but unfortunately not much stuff I can post anywhere ^^° Sorry about that! But I'm also back to inking since I built myself a light box! YAY! That thing is helpful as fuck. And Idk but I think I prefer inking by hand over digital ink; but maybe it's just a question of the right brush settings (or a different tablet pen. Did I tell you my pen broke? I didn't realize how much I used that switch on the side until now. And now that switch is broken.... arfh. And these pens are fucking expensive....)

Anyways, after some hours fighting with the broken pen I had a result! :D

It's another character from the LO-Comicproject I drew some times before :)
And it turned out so great imo!! There was some fighting with details but I love the pose, the lines and I'm pretty happy with how the colors turned out :D Not that it has a big color palette but YAY XD
Maybe I'll print a poster with this at some point XD
And what do you think? :D

So, now get a big hug to all you people visiting my blog! ^^ Especially the silent ones ;) I love you all :D

See you soon <3

March 27, 2015

"The faceless girl" - Part 2 - Color

Heyho everyone! :D

As I promised, the pictures from the post before - now in COLOR!

Color done in Photoshop. A klick will make them bigger as usual ;)

Again, I tried to illustrate different daytimes/light situations and surfaces - which is so much more easy with color. At last I with this pictures it was!

Pencil-outlines are always a little bit messy to work with, because you usually don't have the clear borders ink has, and with a black n white scan too much gets lost. I'm still trying to find a better solution here (suggestions and tips always welcome), even if I really like how they turned out here! :>
My favourite is the third one; I've always disliked grey and brown, but they look so great. I might even overcome the aversion against these colors, if they always turn out to be so harmonious ;D Do you have a favourite? :D

That's it from me now, see you soon ;)

Experiment bonus:

Take care!

March 20, 2015

"The faceless girl" - Part 1

Hello everyone! :D

No, this is not about horror monsters, sorry ;) It's more a little experiment; if you draw humans, the focus is nearly always on the face. Which is pretty logical, because it's where most of the communication is sourced from. as a result, most artists start with the head and face and build the whole picture around it, using the head as scale.
And while I'm not going that far to leave the head out completely, lets see how good you can transport a personality without seeing the face of the person!

These are the first three, and they will come in color, too. Two are allready finished, you'll see all three next week! ;)
As so often I used pencil and mechanical pencil on common drawing board; and I tried to capture some more unusual light or surface situations, like hard sunlight in the first, or the shadow on the water in the last one. It was not as hard as I believed, and I love every single one of them :D
If you have any suggestions of what light/surface compositions I should try, let me know in a comment!  \°o°/

That's it for now, stay tuned and take care.
See you next week in fresh color! :D

February 21, 2015

It's Wu again

Hello again everyone! :D

Last time was full of stuff again. I went to Berlin to visit some friends, met a friend I only knew online for years the first time in real life and went to the Making Games Talents in Munich. It was all great fun! :D
>>Also, if you read this, dear person I met at the MGTs, I loved your drawings!! Please contact me, bc you were really cool and unfortunately I don't have any contact info of yours, and I'd really love to see more of your comic! :D <<

So, enough of this (who reads this anyway) and more for drawings!

It's Wu again, and I somehow managed to deal with my long time enemy "black ink" - I really really love how the outlines look, and I think I worked out the colors fine, too.

Her hand is what I love especially of this picture. But allover, this is one of my favorite pictures I drew of her 'till now :D
Of course I did a pencil drawing underneath the ink, and traced to a more ink-friendly paper. Have a look at this:

 The pencil-version is more rough, and thou' I love the rough look of pencil, this is one of the very few moments I love the ink and color version more than the pencil picture.
What do you think? :D

Take care of yourselves! Eat more vegetables! No really, more and more people are ill here at the moment, so really, take care. 

I love you! See you soon! :D

January 21, 2015

Throwing out all the old stuff


It's been some time, sorry for that. Life just ain't easy some times, and even if you have the time to fetch your hobbies in theory, life practice dosen't always work that way. So, thanks to all the people who are still following me, and sorry to all those who worried I might have given up here. A big hug to all of you!! (Also, if there would come the time I might REALLY give up on the blog or the story, I would let you know, bc it really unsettles me when people just stop posting. Who knows what happend to them??)

I even did some stuff, I just didn't manage to post it. Including some weird color experiments, YAY! So, new year, fresh start and let's throw out all the old stuff that was waiting in my little blogfolder to be shown to the world, wheee :D
Lets start with some bloodwork!


I like this picture very much. It's more a what-if than a piece that might happen in a story but I really really like how the colors turned out in this one.

And now let's go straight to the color experiments! :D

I think the one in the middle is my favourite, but I also like that weird pink thing on the right. Doing these was so much fun! :D Short after them, I made this one:

That might even be the same colors like the on above :D I love this one very much, although the colors ain't fitting the picture regarding content, but HEY! So much fun!

So, and in the end, we have some studies for light and composition, which ain't that exciting but I'll show you anyways ;)

I actually had some reference for these two but by now I lost them... :( I'll link them as soon as I find them! >o<

And that's it!!  YOU MADE IT TO THE END OF THE POST!! I am so proud of you! XD
So seriously, thank you for reading the whole thing.
Thank all of you for the loud or silent support!
I love you guys! Take care of yourselves!

Have a nice day! <3