February 29, 2012

Something is wrong D:

Hey out there! :D

It's alarming how unproductive I am last time (exept of that big water color pic which is still not ready), but I produce lots of scribbles and sketches and most time something is just wrong with them.
Have a look at this one:
Something is just not right, but I cannot point my finger on it, and that just kills the joy if you have that half the time you draw anything.
I think it's something with the shoulder in the front, or the whole arm :/

 Well, have a nice day anyway ^^

February 28, 2012

Doodle time!

Hi out there! 8D

Because I'm working on some bigger water color/colored ink pictures, there's not much time (and space) for other projects... so, doodle time! 8D Don't worry, there will be real pictures soon.Or at least some wip-pictures? :D

Today's doodle:

And I like it :) Its so bluuuuuee ^^
Sketch with pencil, inked with brush pen, colored in photoshop.

Have a nice day! :D

February 27, 2012

All girls love shoes! Right? ;)

....and I love mine with an extra dose of color ;D

You might allready know them from the comics or another picture at deviantart, but if you don't, dosent matter XD  (Go and find them!)

I really love these boots, they're shiny, they're comfortable, they're warm and they're yellow! :D
Outlines are made with Multiliners and Colo is made with Copics on marker paper, size A3. That's so far the biggest picture I've ever made with copics....

Aye, and I got more stuff to tell you! The poster from Amphibian Ark is out now! And there's a list of participating institutions by country on their site -> click here and scroll down <- So if you're planning to visit one of that zoos next time, keep your eyes peeled! :D ...and send me a photo ;)

Have a nice day! ;)

February 24, 2012

A Commission on Characters

Hey out there! 8D

Okay, strange, but I can't reply on your comments any more o_0; Sorry D: I'll figure something out...

So, the headline says everything, today's picture was a commission once, for some rpg-characters. It's also an older picture, I made it in spring/summer last year, and on the pencil-sketch I changed stuff again and again and again... that was slightly exhausting. But in the end, the customer was absolutely happy with the pic. And then I barely heard of him again. Well....
I had some trouble with scanning that thing, because that damn water color paper fluted more than it should, and so some areas might look slightly deformed that not are in real D:

Inked again with colored ink, the one in the front with grey, the other one with sepia, the coloration is water color and water color pencils. I had no references, just a text form description of the two :B

Memo to me (and other people out there): Never do a commission without an acceptance of order :/ That might save you from some annoyance. >_>

Have a nice day ^^

February 23, 2012

Ink and Vectors

Hey out there :D

Fist, something technical. I was told by some people that they couln't post comments on my blog, and now I changed some stuff. First try worked well, so anyone should be able to leave some comments here, even if you're anonymous :)

My ink-phase is ongoing, and today there will be colored ink. (Yup. As I promised, more color ;D) And, because I'm working on my skills in several programs the same time, I took Illustrator and remade the same image as a vector graphic.

So, at first the ink image:
Working process: Scribble with pencil, outlines with nib and colored with brush, on water color paper.  I really love this red ink, and I really hate that paper. Don't know why, but it developed a fuzzy surface during the inking and painting process (sometimes that happens because of erasing, but this paper was fuzzy over all, even on the plain white area on the left, where I didn't touch the paper with anything -_-)
But it's not that bad for a 20 minute pic, I think.

And now the vector version:
  If you know Illustrator, I made this with the Pen Tool only (I think there are plug ins or something, that you can convert a scan directly into vectors, but on the one hand, I don't really know these plugins and on the other hand I guess it's the better practise do to that stuff manual ^^;) and the effect was, that I spend around 3 hours with that version of the picture 8D Guess there must be a quicker way to do that stuff ,
...But I still don't know if I like the clean look most vector pictures have. Sure, in lot's of cases it looks really cool, and sometimes you want that sterile atmosphere....but there are also lots and lots of pictures that look just really dead with that sleeked lines and forms, and I often think that's a pity D: 
Yeah, I like it rough and dirty... eh, that came out wrong XD
 So. What do you think?


February 22, 2012

A third Art Noir

Hey out there!

So, I'm in an ink-phase at the moment, and so you will get some works of pure ink, colored ink or at least with inked outlines ;) Somehow, ink is more fun than I imagined before. It was more like I hated ink, cause every time I tried to outline something, I smeared over the lines so often that I couln't correct it with whiteout any more.And I hated ink so much because of that. XD


I like this black and white stuff. This one's made with black ink, brushpen and fine liner, and I think I should have worked with a nip at some details, specially the hair...

....next pictures will have more color again, I promise ;)

Have a nice day! :D

February 21, 2012

Lurching Lurch!

Hey out there! :D

I didn't scan any pictures yet, so I have to serve you some older stuff (but what means old, it's just a few month...)
Say hello to Mr Lurch! :D

Outlines were made with black ink on paper, than scanned and colored in Photoshop.

By the way his full name is Neugerus Microspilotus, and he will be on the amphibian ark poster, too :D

No further info here, I'm lazy today.

Have a nice afternoon ;)

February 20, 2012

Back from Berlin the 2nd, with some more info about Berlin ;)

Hi out there!
So, this is the actual report about the time in Berlin. Actually it's not a report, it's more of a summary. Well.

Because we had the great idea to take the city night liner to Berlin, we arrived there at 4:26 am. Which meant, that we had to spend around 6 1/2 hours somewhere with our heavy luggage. We ended up drinking coffee at big M and walking slowly through the central station. And it's an AMAZING train station! Seriously, that station flashed me, and I would move in there if I could XD I was so impressed, that I forgot to take photos there! (and maybe too tired and smashed from that 7 hour train trip...)

Jeah. After some coffees we went to the art school, turned in my portfolio, went to a friend to unload our luggage there and returned to the city to do some stupid tourist stuff. XD

Like taking photographs of the Brandenburger Tor (= Brandenburg Gate says wikipedia)...

Proof! I really was there ;)

(During this time I allready was that tired that we didn't even recognize that the picture was cut on the up and low edge. Damnit!)
Did I mention that it was f.........uuuucking cold in Berlin?! It's not that I try to hide my face on that photo or something, I just didn't want to expose more than necessary to that coldness. And we had that amazing gray sky till we traveled back home...

Well enough of the weather (it was just freaking cold!)...
We also visited the Holocaust Memorial. Walking through it, although its apparently just a bunch of grey building blocks, made me kind of uncomfortable. And it's also strangely fascinating for a bunch of blocks...
Shot from somewhere in the middle.

So, that was the day, and we just went to bed at 6pm. And slept. It was amazing.

The other day, we visited the Gemäldegalerie, and spent half the day watching at amazing paintings :D Than we went to the art school again, to get the result of the portfolio-test, and we spent about over an hour there standing in a queue O_o
Apparently there were about 300 people who tried for that study course alone, and the art school accepted just 30 for the second test... And according to the last years I was told from these 30 will just 15 get into the course in the end... and that put my dissapointment into another perspective. There are about 270 girls n guys who also didn't make it, and there are more art schools in the world. Yay! 8D

Third day we spent with some ineffective shopping (which means, we bought nothing), and I think the reason was kind of that "wow, I can buy all that stuff in cologne, too... and than I don't have to carry it the whole time and way back home!"
Guess Berlin is just a bigger cologne...
In the evening we ate some pizza with my fiends uncle. I've never eaten a better pizza in my life. *slobber*
Yeah, and the next day was the last day, and before we traveled back home, we visited an exhibition at Camera Works with works of Mark Laita. The exhibition was very small, just 3 rooms with big pictures, but the photograps were damn beautiful, and I wished I had the money to take that octopus and put it on my wall back home XD On the side of Camera Works is a small slide show of some pictures, but in real they're much more impressing ;)

Yeah, and than we traveled home, about 10 hours (with regional trains, because that was the cheapest way ^^; Only do that if you really have patience, good books and like train traveling XD Other ways it will bore the shit out of you. Believe me ;D).

Conclusion? Berlin is a grey and ugly town in winter, and I really don't need to live there, but I want to visit it again. In Summer. When it's not that cold ;)

Have a nice day ^^ 

Back from Berlin! ...with ACEOs and less info about Berlin.

Hey out there!

As I said I was in Berlin last week, to apply to an art school with my portfolio.
In short: I failed.
But it was a nice trip as a whole, even if it was more exhausting than relaxing or something (and I didn't even shot much photos....), but more about that later. (That will get a whole blogpost for itself, but I don't have time and patience to write that right now, sorry. You will get that report maybe later this day. )

 So. I got some last ACEOs for you, a kind of triptych this time :D

Black ink on light paperboard, with little shreds of screentone. These ones were spontaneous, I had that three blank cards left and just buyed some black ink, and that's the story.
They are just friends. 
Anyway,  I'll talk to you later 'bout Berlin.

Have a nice day! :D

February 10, 2012

ACEO and some information

Hey out there! :D

Okay, bad news first, there will be no posts the next week. That's because I'll be in Berlin for a qualification test on an art school, and I'm not sure how much time there will be to go online and do daily posts and stuff. Sorry! D:

So, but today there is another Kakao-Card, and a very nice person told me it's ACEO or ATC in english. (Klick here for wikipedia ;) ) Thank you! :D

This one is made with black ink and analog screen tone :)

Actually I like working with analog screen tone, even if it's more work than digital screen tone and not as half as easy to get along with it. And it's expensive. Damn, that stuff has absolutely no advantages... :B
Well than.
Over and out here, see you on Monday the 20th of February! :D

February 9, 2012

More Kakao-Cards!

Hey out there! :D

Yup, another little card. Because I'm too busy working on my portfolio which I have to make ready before Sunday D: (and I'm a little freaked out because of that. Just a little.)
This one is made with water colors and colored ink. Or only colored ink? Well, here it is:

Even if this is a rough drawn pic, I really like it, and I like the mood. I like rainy pictures. I like rain. I like it when people look wet. That sounds kind of wrong.. It's also a character you will probably meet more often in this blog. ;)

Have a nice day! :D

February 8, 2012

Kakao-Cards! :D

Hey out there!

Yes, I draw Kakao* Cards, too. ;D (I'm not sure if they exist in english) And there will be some more the next time.
Let's start with one I drew some time ago, when my copics were still new XD There was a sudden character change on the picture when I realized that I had no idea how to draw blonde hair (I figured it out somehow now...). So he got a slightly different hairstyle and some changes in face and chlothes, and viòla, Othis was there XD

Smoking, coffee-drinking guy again... Guess I have a pattern there XD

Have a nice day! :D

*Kakao: Karten-Kunst, Auflagen und Originale -> Card-Art, print run and originals

February 7, 2012

Copic stuff again

Hey out there! :D

Uh, very late post today. Anyway, I created another pic with copics, and bit by bit I get used to them ;D
Say hello to Richard! 
Okay, he's not that chatty at the moment, but if you let him drink his coffee (or give him another one. And than another one...) he will probably be very communicative XD
I tried some new paper with this one, it's called "Hahnemüle Manga Illustration" and it's noticeable thicker than other marker paper. Guess it sucks more color out of the copics, but on the other hand it dosen't crumble if you rub your eraser too hard on it. Hum.

Have a nice day! :D

February 6, 2012

Blackboard Crap

Hi out there! 8D

By searching my folders I found this blackboard-scribble I made once in a free period in school. The original sketch might be about 75cm high, and there was another sketch on the other side, but I didn't found that (for some reason I saved that file only croped >_< (or is it cropped? Not sure on that)) Well, have a look:

Thinking of it, I did some blackboard-drawings, but I think this is the only one I ever took a photo of... Hm. Oh, by the way, that's the same chara as on that fanservice pic ;D

Have a nice day! :D

February 3, 2012


Hi out there! 8D

Obviously I love jumping characters, and I wanted to try out my new colored ink, and so I made this pic ;D

GO, Shar, GO! Woohooo!!

The outlines are made with colored ink, the coloration is copic and the higlights are a white pigment pen. It's not that easy to draw in this more cartoony style but the lines are more simple and I worked the whole thing out in about 2 and a half hours or something.

Have a nice day and a nice weekend!! :D

February 2, 2012

Updated pic from yesterday, with different snow

Hi out there! :D

So, I finally managed to make myself a brush that looks a little more like snow, and unfortunately I had acually something to do at work, so I can't show you a new pic today. But there will be more tomorrow! ;D

Have a look at the new version:

....it's definitely more fluffy than the last one. And I kinda have christmas-feelings when I look at it now XD
What do you think, better? Worse? Nothing changed? 8D

Have a nice day ;D

February 1, 2012

Finally, there's some winter coming 8D

Hi out there!

Because it was like -9°C today morning, I couln't draw more beach-fanservice-pictures (I always had to think if they wouln't freeze XD). Instead you get some well-packed guy, standing in heavy snow, talking to... someone on the phone. (He's one of the main characters from my wannabeacomic-story, by the way. Or maybe THE mainchara... and yes, he's old 8D)
Well, my boss kept on complaining about the snow (he said that it looks like confetti). and I guess I'm going to search for another brush for the snow at some point. If I will find one, there will be an updated version of this pic.... So, enough said, have a look! :D

So, what do you think?