February 24, 2012

A Commission on Characters

Hey out there! 8D

Okay, strange, but I can't reply on your comments any more o_0; Sorry D: I'll figure something out...

So, the headline says everything, today's picture was a commission once, for some rpg-characters. It's also an older picture, I made it in spring/summer last year, and on the pencil-sketch I changed stuff again and again and again... that was slightly exhausting. But in the end, the customer was absolutely happy with the pic. And then I barely heard of him again. Well....
I had some trouble with scanning that thing, because that damn water color paper fluted more than it should, and so some areas might look slightly deformed that not are in real D:

Inked again with colored ink, the one in the front with grey, the other one with sepia, the coloration is water color and water color pencils. I had no references, just a text form description of the two :B

Memo to me (and other people out there): Never do a commission without an acceptance of order :/ That might save you from some annoyance. >_>

Have a nice day ^^

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