February 29, 2012

Something is wrong D:

Hey out there! :D

It's alarming how unproductive I am last time (exept of that big water color pic which is still not ready), but I produce lots of scribbles and sketches and most time something is just wrong with them.
Have a look at this one:
Something is just not right, but I cannot point my finger on it, and that just kills the joy if you have that half the time you draw anything.
I think it's something with the shoulder in the front, or the whole arm :/

 Well, have a nice day anyway ^^


  1. Hmm. Entweder den Oberarm weiter nach rechts oder den Unterarm weiter nach hinten, im Moment wirkt der Ellenbogen irgendwie gewölbt.

    1. Stimmt, wenn er weiter hinten wär würde er auch die Brust nicht so verdecke..hmmm. Danke! :D