March 30, 2012

This is the end....

...of the most epic internship I could get. For six month, I had the best rocker-boss, the cutest dog in the world, a job that was more than just fun, experience that brought me more than one step forward and lots and lots of fair trade coffee. ;)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D I know you will read this XD

And of course there's a dark side as always - I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up with the daily posting. On the one hand, because I have to buy a PC first (but that shouln't take so long, it's allready compiled), and on the other hand because I have to do two portfolios and a homework until May. That means I have to do around 40-60 drawing/painting/design work, which will eat most of my time, and lots of that pics will be bigger than A4 (cause they told me I should do bigger drawings) which means I cannot easily scan them.
 Well. But I'll post as often as possible, at least once a week. And when I'm ready with that there shall be pictures for you ;).

 Such as....

 ....this two ACEOs. They belong to a series of nine cards, but these two are my favourites (at least because they are the two that fit together the best. And the right one was the first of that series I did... I LOVE her skin color.). I love drawing these two characters, and this pictures are from an alternative dark future timeline... (yeah...that story is not even half written but there are lots of alternative timelines, so what. It makes me draw pictures so it's allowed XD)
The outlines here were made only with pencil and then colored with water colors and fine brushes, which was a finicky work around the eyes. ACEOs are making me a detail-denyer. ;)

So, have a nice weekend and see you soon! :D

March 29, 2012

On time! ;D

So, this pic  is kind of the same working process as that one from the day before yesterday.

It's more playing around with patterns this time.

...I love his hair color in this pic ;)

Not much to tell from my side this moment, I'm kinda busy but only with stuff that has (nearly) nothing to do with drawing ... >__> Well.

Have a more relaxed day! ;)

March 28, 2012

Midnight post 8D

I came home just half an hour ago, so there's nothing special I could upload today, sorry.
But I'm thinking of making a colored version of this picture the next time:

What do you think?

Sleep well ;)

March 27, 2012

Playing around....

...with Photoshop again.
I love it when I can work on a picture for myself, a quick traced pose, with sloppy outlines and a equally coloration.

I really love that boy's piercings.

The method on this picture is the same as when I scribble stuff with pencil, I just take the pen and rub it over the paper (or this case, the graphic tablet)...And I really like that kind of coloration, even if it probably dosen't cull the best out of the programm or my mind or something. It's just without pressure of perfection in my mind.

Have a nice day! :D

March 26, 2012

Lua and the mole ;)

Hello out there! :D

Today I've got a little comic strip for you, which I did in commision for my employer's girlfriend ;D They've got this little dog, who once went out to hunt some moles ...;)

...True story XD

Have fun! :)

March 23, 2012

Friday post! 8D

Yup, very creative caption.
And another older ACEO for today,  cause I don't have much to show you right now - there is too much stuff that's not ready yet or has to be scanned first - with a better scanner than the one I have here. >_<'

Have a nice weekend! :D

March 22, 2012

ACEO again!

Hey out there, how are you?
Hope you're allright ;)

Today's picture is another ACEO and I screwed it up cause I dropped ink on it. But I like the rest and hey, everyone makes mistakes 8D You just learn from them (in this case, that you should discard the nib before putting it on the paper again!) ;)

Locks again! In water color on water color paper, outlines with sepia ink ;D

Hope it's warm and sunny wherever you are right now ;D

March 21, 2012


Today I had to make a detour back home, and so I sat for half an our on the train station in bright warm sun, with around 23°C, eating ice cream and drawing people in winter chlothes.

.....and I just buyed that scarf. Yep, I'm not yet out of the winter-thinking XD

Have a nice day ;)

March 20, 2012

Finally, the other polaroids!

The header says it all ;D  Sorry for being so slowly with these colorations... but here they are! 8D

I like the skin colors in this one, and the sky, cause they both worked out well although I nearly destroyed both because of stupidness XD (and empty blender ^^°)
Only the caption is insert with PS.

Aaand the water color version.... water color is kind of frustrating, cause it costs the most time and gives (my opinion) the worst result of the three. But well, working with water colors is still kind of funny, and maybe I'll find a way to work quicker and more beautiful with them ... 8D

And what do you think? :D

March 19, 2012

Back again!

Hi out there!

So I'm back from Nuremberg and I just realized that I didn't take any photos... but well, shit happens. And it was cool to see the portfolios from the students there 8D First class inspiration ;D

And because I'm still not ready with that polaroid pictures, I'll show you how my pictures look like before I do the fine pencil drawing that will be inked and colored in the end:

I flexed this one because it was bigger than my usual drawings and I was too lazy to take an extra bag for this one. It's just a scribble, damnit! ;D

See you tomorrow! ^^

March 15, 2012


....for the next days only ;) 
I won't post tomorrow, because I'll be in Nuremberg (=N├╝rnberg) than, visiting a friend that I know for about 7 years but never saw in all this time...8D

So, have a nice last picture this week:

Yup, it's Shar again, this time in copic on water color paper (don't try that, it kills your copics.Or sucks them out at least...) and I really love his scarf. It's so yellllllooooowww...

Have a nice weekend, and see you at monday than! ;D

Edit: Wow, this is my 50th post. YIEKS! Thank you all for ...everything, watching, writing comments, likes on fb.. thank you! :D

March 14, 2012

Copics again 8D

Wow, this might be the latest post so far!  But today it's not even my fault, cause Blogger didn't want to upload pictures D:

But here we are:

I drew this a while ago, when my copics were new, on thin marker paper. That thin paper is more difficult to handle, I think, cause the colors don't aspirate into the paper, but build a film on the surface, which leads to incredible smearing if you don't know that.

And his coat is too blue. Should be more violet. Well.

Goodnight ^^

March 13, 2012

Sketches! 8D

Hey out there! 8D

I've got no worked out picture for you at the moment, but I'll show you what I'm doing the whole day long ;)

Pencil on copy paper as always ;)

Have a nice day 8D

March 12, 2012

Green Lady :3

It's late, it's late, it's late but not too late...! *sing*

I have this feeling that my daily posts are becoming later and later.... D:

Today's post is for my sister, who liked the blue Lady and asked for a green one :)

Hope you like it :D

Have a nice day ;)

March 9, 2012

Polaroid, the first 8D

Hey out there! 8D

So, I couldn't decide, and now I'll do a few versions of this pic ;)

And here's the first one:

Ain't they cute? XD

Have a nice day ;)

March 8, 2012

Shake it, shake it....

....shake it like a polaroid picture XD

Woking on this fake-polaroid, but I'm unsure of the colortion - Copic? Photoshop? Water colors?
More than one colored version? 8D

Have a look:

Oh, and if you notice any errors, like worse anatomic mistakes or something, please tell me! :O

Have a nice day! :D

March 7, 2012

Stressed out but still living

Heyo everyone!

If anyone is wondering why I didn't blog yesterday, it was just because it was kind of stressful and I hope I won't go sick cause I keep having a strange headace. But I'll try to keep on blogging!

So, more couple-pictures! I like to draw people interacting with each other (which is one reason why I wanna become a comic artist) and I think it's even more enjoable if there are some emotions involved. Such as happyness, love, lust, courage, blah blah blah..... and anger, hate and despair, and I think much people focus so much on positive emotions and the negative emotions just take about one or two facial expressions and that's it.... I think I have to do some meme or something to that topic.

Big spontaneous picture! I was just scribbling with edding to try out some new marker paper and this is the result. That edding died half the way so I could do the shading... and I really like the pic, even if it's probably just junk and kind of a ten minute work...I don't care ^^

Have a nice day! :D

March 5, 2012

Oh yeah, it' monday!

Hey out there! 8D

Yeah, it's monday, so get yourself some motivation cause it's just the beginning of a new week ;)
And with a new day comes a new chance! A chance to try for about 3 hours to get the scanner to do what you want. Or to rip some of your favourite shorts up. Or to destroy your keyboard at works by showering it with coffee...........
 So, you had a nice weekend? >8D

 It's monday, bitch!

March 2, 2012


Hey out there! :D

It's the unbelieveble 42. blogpost with my pictures! 8D That means I have only 9958 posts 'til 10.000! Should be easy to do. ;)

I love Shar's coat and his haircolor in this pic, and I want that 42-shirt ;D

This time, the outlines are just pencil on copy paper,  scanned and than colored with photoshop. It's all kind of rough, but I think I like that more than a clean, sterile look... and at last this fits the character of this guy better ;)
So, have a nice day, and don't forget your towel.

....and DON'T PANIC! ;)

March 1, 2012

Kisses are hard to draw!

They really are!

Hey out there, today's very late post is about the hardness of drawing kissing people XD
That's because if you kiss someone, your face is not paralel to the face of the other one. That means, if you draw two faces in profile, you have to cant them slightly, one to the front and one to the back, and I always become desperate about that part.
Perspective sucks if you don't master it. XD And so does kissing pictures.

But I'm actually happy with this one. 

Done with pencil on copy paper. Critic? I'm also always thankful for good tutorials for stuff ;)

Have a nice day! :D

Edit: I can reply to comments again! 8D I hope that strange comment-bug is fixed somehow now....