August 16, 2012

Portfolio, Part II

Hey there!

This is the second part of my portfolio, the series "Nähe" (can be translated as"adjacency", "contiguousness", "vicinity" but also "close to", "near" or "around") , for Krefeld - complete this time.

You might know the first one cause I allready uploaded it, but it belongs here for the completeness ;)

Emotional and physical closeness.

Emotional closeness but physical distance.

Physical closeness but emotional distance.

And another kind of a physical and emotional closeness, I think the people in Krefeld liked this one especially.

They're all water color and fine liner :)

Have a nice day!

August 14, 2012

Portfolio, Part One :D

Yup, as promised. Pic-heavy!

First stack is a series of my favourite boots, starting with some sketches:


.... because art schools LOVE sketches and rough paintings and stuff. Hell knows why.

And some people might know parts of the finished ones allready cause I made them in ... January or so, and uploaded them somewhere I think :B

Pencil, soft pastels, copics, water colors and of course my new rock boots :D

There might be no post tomorrow cause I'm away all day, but on Thursday I'll be back.
Have a nice, warm summerday! XD

August 13, 2012

And another one

Or, more precise, the last one of the pictures from that drawing session.

 Copic, Edding, pencil and some grunge effect with Photoshop. And if I hadn't miscalculated the her size while drawing her on the picture, you could have seen the nice flower she held in her hand, sorry ^^°

And another effect one, which happend just randomly, but looked cool:

........yeah, and that's it! Next time you'll finally see the portfolio pictures that I promised long time ago ^^

Have a nice day! :D

August 10, 2012

The one with that dog ;D

Heyo out there! :D

As before, from the drawing session, this time featuring Lua, who you might know from this strip ;D

Copic, Edding, fine liner on ordinary paper.
By the way, HELLOOO!! to my 8th follower! :D

Have a nice weekend, I'll be back monday! ;D

August 9, 2012

Pale lady

....because there wasn't enough time for deep black with this picture ;)

Pencil and Copic again.
I think of all the pictures I made that evening I like the pose and the shading of arms and legs on this the most.
And I really want to draw more often with real people!

Have a nice day ;D

August 8, 2012

Copic Sketch

Hello there!

There is some stress with that schools and life and work and stuff all around, but I'm trying to get back to the daily post thing!
So have a drawing, even if it's only one :D

From the session again. There are still some left, but I have to prepare them to upload first, and that needs some time :B
This one is pencil and copic, a five minute sketch I think. (there was some varity between five to fifteen minutes per image, and they've been shuffled a little :B)

Have a nice day, see ya tomorrow! ^^

August 7, 2012

I promised you more!

And here we are! 8D

This time with pencil, ink and gray ink :D

More tomorrow!! :D

Have a nice day XD

August 6, 2012

All good things come in threes!!!

Like, it's the 3rd year I'm trying to get into design studies, I failed at three qualifying examinations in the past, I made three qualifying examinations this year, and I was accepted at three colleges of higher education! ;)
Which are Krefeld, Düsseldorf and now Nuremberg! 8D

So let me use some gifs to describe my feelings XD


So, and have some scribbles, too ;D

They're from some drawing session which were themed "crime noir". These are 3 minute pencil sketches, tomorrow you'll get more! ;D

Have a nice day! XD