June 20, 2015

Wu's Task Force

Helllooooo everyone! :D

Time for another group pic! ^^ Last time you got the whole division, this time it's the hard core of Wu's gang ;)

From top-left to right:
Seamus O'Riley, Sindile Ramonas, Fermín Selby, Ted D. Locks, Emma Wu and below them screamimng Diana Tennyson.

Done from a rough pencil sketch as always, inked by hand and colored in PS CS6 :D

Maybe I'll try that one with a more dynamic background at some point, but right now I like it pretty much :D  What do you think? ^^

Have a nice day, see you next week! :D

June 5, 2015

Mad Max:Fury Road ~ Valkyrie

Heyooo it'sa me, Naki again! :D

And yup, I actually did something I don't do often: FAN ART!
And of course, it's Mad Max: Fury Road fan art. Because it's the best freaking action movie in like, a decade? Or two? Okay, the last time I had the urge to watch a movie over and over again, it was Captain America: The Winter Solider, which is not that long ago. The motivation then was almost the same as now; a great story, cool, developed characters and awesome action*. And MM:FR is so good in all of these and even more. Like, I can't even remember when I saw that much kickass women in a movie?! I love Black Widow, but she stands kinda lonely between the other avengers**. And this has like, a bunch of warrior women in it, and I love every single one of them.

Especially Valkyrie!

She dosen't even have that much screentime, but gah, I think from the Vuvalini she's definitely my favorite, close followed from the Keeper of the Seeds. Hand to the heart, Furiosa is unreached on the top of everything, but Valkyrie is like, standing next to her on the ranking. And she really deserves more appreciation! >o<
I started out with a pencil sketch as always, and finished analog work with the ink version:
Now I think I could have put some more dirt in the ink version, kinda like the stuff in the background from the post before this one. But whelp, noted for the next time!

So, what do you think? Did you watched Mad Max: Fury Road? :D

Have a great time and a sunny weekend! <3 ^^

 ~ Naki

 * and an awesome soundtrack, great dialogues, great stunts, cool new characters, a great antagonist, FEELINGS, and, you get the idea.
**And I hated her arc in Age of Ultron. How can you fuck up a characterization that bad? Gnarf.