August 30, 2016

Much color! So wow ! :D

A comic page in color!

Since I'm scribbling comic pages a lot the last time, and an online discussion about making comics, I decided to give it a shot and convert one of the scribs in full color.

Fitting to the hot weather outside, everything is covered in snow and ice :'D

Here we go!
I made full color comic pages before, but this felt a lot different. It's not just that it's not the cartoony style and more complex outlines but also the amount of thought that goes into the coloring and shading. In the end, this thing consumed a lot more time to make than I give to pics usually, and easily like 4 or 5 times the amount of the cartoon pages :'D

That to say, I'm really glad how the atmosphere turned out. I wanted it to be light and cold when this characters meet the first time, and that just works so much better in color <3 

Still, as much as I love the results, I think if I ever manage to serialize a comic, color pages will be an exception bc they eat up so much work and time ^^° 

What do you think? :D

Have a nice day! ^^

August 15, 2016

Summer Break is over

...if you can call this weather summer at all :D
It was bad enough to give me a week lasting cold >__<*'

Anyways, I've been practicing some running sketches and quick digital colo! :D

Also I'm trying to put one of the comic pages I've scribbled in the last time in color, so stay tuned for that one. @_@

Have fun! :D

May 27, 2016

Otis watercolor sketch

Heyho everyone! :D

Is anyone heading to the Role Play Convention in Cologne these days?
'Cuz I'll be there, helping out a friend at the artist alley (Illustratorenmeile)! :D And I bring a bunch of scribbles and pics, so if you're there, just say hello! ;)

Not much new stuff otherwise, at least nothing that isn't depressing. Anyways, have this sketch of cute lil' Otis! :D

Freckles! Freckles EVERYWHERE!!

Right out of the sketchbook! :D

See you soon! ^_^

April 14, 2016

Smoke underwater

Hello readers! :D

Being underwater was always fascinating to me.
I love the light, the dull sound, the feeling of being surrounded by water and the comfort of floating in it.
And on the other hand you have this dull pressure, the knowing that you cannot fucking breathe and that you in fact don't have save ground under your feet to stand on. Not to mention all the known and unknown dangers that water holds. Which is why I never seriously considered to get a diver's license. The ocean is fucking terrifying!

Back to drawing!
This one started with a small scribble in my sketchbook, and I first wanted to draw the thing again on bigger, better paper and work from there. But I shortly after just scanned the sketch and worked from there. I'm still not over how amazing my new cintiq pen is. It's so amazing, really!

I really like the image of underwater stuff, but for some reason I hardly ever draw it? Maybe I should think of a mermaid story or something similar...

For comparison, this is the original sketch:

The biggest problem I had with inking (no matter if digital or analog techniques) is that I always had the feeling that so much of the dynamic of the original sketch gets lost when I do it, and it was so frustrating to see how amazing other people draw all kinds of dynamic stuff with ink. But I think I'm coming closer to the look I want to achieve every time I draw now, and that really really makes me happy :)

What do you folks think?

See you soon! ;)

April 2, 2016

My Name is Max

Hey folks! :D

IT'S MAD MAX TIME! (again.)

Such a hella good movie and beside of the great story and characters I LOVE the editing of the movie, and the COLORS! It definitely deserved every oscar it got and probably even more <3  This movie is just too beautiful to look at <3 <3 <3
And so, in order to get better at Illustrator I created these two:

I'm so proud of the starry night skies and the war rig! XD
Maybe I'll get to do more like this in the future, if inspiration strikes again 8D
What do you think? U like the stuff you see?

However your opinion, have a rly nice weekend!

Ride eternal, shiny and chrome!

March 15, 2016

Space Posters! :D

Yeaaaaah, hello everyone! :D

Here's the stuff that's completely different to the stuff that's usually on this blog! :D
As I told y'all in previous posts, I'm trying to get used to Illustrator and Indesign these days, and yup there's gonna be some graphic stuff in the next time, but don't worry, I won't stop drawing ;)
So here we go:

Ain't space pretty? The "Constancy" one is our nice and shiny sun (obviously), the "Chaos" one is the "Witch Head Nebula", a very cool interstellar sun-breeding location, check it out!
The whole thing was pretty much new territory for me, as I have worked with vectors before (in Flash) but more like "ok I draw this with this shitty tools here so I can scale it up to infinity and beyond" and not with much actual use of specific instuments and tools of the program. And bc of that, I was looking for a tutorial that didn't require too much knowledge of the program but wasn't all too basic, too. And so I found this:  
How To Create a Dark Lunar Poster Design with PS & AI 
I have to say I liked to play around with the geometric patterns and elements a lot, and I'm looking forward to combine them with my drawings somehow ;) The whole photo manipulation in PS was allready familiar but I didn't do that for the sake of photo manip before, so I learned a bunch of new stuff there, too :D All'round this was fun! The other tutorials of the page sound great, too, and I'm allready on another one, that might come up here next ;) If you're interested, check the page out, apart from tutorials they have a nice bunch of free stuff and in their tuts are always links too other pages with great resources, too :D

Have a great day, everyone! ^^


March 3, 2016

Looks like rain again.

Heyho everyone!

Today we have a pic that's like 90% digital, woohoo!
Usually I prefer doing black outlines with ink on paper, but this one had only a pencil scribble and was thrown in the scanner right after that. Why?? Bc I have a new pen for my wacom (the "classic" pen, which is a weird name imo bc it's nothing like the wacom pen that comes with the tablets (which I would have named classic pen)) and this new pen is more like a real pen. The normal wacom pen is more like a brush, bc the handle is thick and a bit longer, whereas the new one is slim like a mechanical pencil. Which means, the balance and momentum is completely different, and to be quite honest, much, much better.
I just love that new pen!!
And working outlines is much comfy with this one, have a look!

"Looks like rain again.... we should head back soon."

Locks and Emma jog together on a regular basis. Actually they do lots of sports together if they find the time...

Still trying out new things, and I found some cool tutorials for Illustrator, so next time I'll probably post something more graphic and unusual for this blog ;)
Stay tuned, I love y'all :D

February 20, 2016

Some watercolor!


How're you all??
First of all, sorry for my abstinence here, life is tough at the moment, and things are rarely going the way I want them to. Also I want to thank the two anonymous commentators who were worried I might have abandoned the blog. I didn't! I was just not able to post anything.
Anyways, I started to learn Illustrator and InDesign a bit, and I will post some stuff I made in these, so there might be some different stuff from what is here now in the future. Also, if anyone can rec some good tutorials for either one of the two programs above or Photoshop, I'd be very happy!! :D

Meanwhile I grabbed my water colors and did some warming up :D An yup, it's the police team again ;)

I love jalousies!

So, I hope you're all still alive and well everybody!! I love you! See you soon! >o<