March 3, 2016

Looks like rain again.

Heyho everyone!

Today we have a pic that's like 90% digital, woohoo!
Usually I prefer doing black outlines with ink on paper, but this one had only a pencil scribble and was thrown in the scanner right after that. Why?? Bc I have a new pen for my wacom (the "classic" pen, which is a weird name imo bc it's nothing like the wacom pen that comes with the tablets (which I would have named classic pen)) and this new pen is more like a real pen. The normal wacom pen is more like a brush, bc the handle is thick and a bit longer, whereas the new one is slim like a mechanical pencil. Which means, the balance and momentum is completely different, and to be quite honest, much, much better.
I just love that new pen!!
And working outlines is much comfy with this one, have a look!

"Looks like rain again.... we should head back soon."

Locks and Emma jog together on a regular basis. Actually they do lots of sports together if they find the time...

Still trying out new things, and I found some cool tutorials for Illustrator, so next time I'll probably post something more graphic and unusual for this blog ;)
Stay tuned, I love y'all :D


  1. Glad you're alive and well! This is honestly so good! Love the style & Emma and Locks look so cool in here hehe ^-^

    1. Thank you so much anon! :D I'm glad you like it hehe ;)