July 16, 2012

Drowning in stuff but finished examinations

Hey out there!

Long time no post, but there was so much stuff going on.

First, the last qualification test wich was for the school in Nuremberg - jeez, they have heavy requierements. Comparing to Krefeld, where you were supposed to bring a portfolio with ~20 works in it and present the stuff, it was really huge - first the portfolio test (I passed in June) in which they asked for 30-40 works, and now the test itself.
It was split on two days, on the first there was a typography test and a storyboard test to do,  and on the second day they had special tests for the three study paths (Illustration, Film&Animation, Photography), where I choosed illustration. We had 3 hours for each task and it was enough time, but in the end of the day you were just .... dead because of the hours of concentration you were invested in ;)
(Btw I hope I'm not writing total bullshit here, I don't feel very well at the moment. And am kind of tried...)
Anyway, I was housed at my friend Lisa and her amazing family again. Thanks for that, you are so cute, I love you guys! :D

By the way, next time I'm gonna upload the whole stuff of the portfolio(s), might put that in miniseries, but I need either better light to take photos or a bigger scanner. We'll see! Will work at any point. Yay!

Last but not least, have a drowning person again.

All pencil and still rough and unfinished but I like it. 
Ignore the mistakes, take a marshmallow instead.

July 2, 2012

The big YAY...

...which is, that I made it.
......some of you might allready know, but.....
My portfolio passed the test in Krefeld! 
That means I can start there in October 8D And I got a letter from Nuremberg, that I passed the portfolio test there, too, and am invited to the qualifying examination next week. Challenge accepted!
Might be hard to choose between Krefeld and Nuremberg when I might pass the test there too XD

And some moar picture for those who allready knew I passed:

I played with a modified standart brush here, and I still like to play around in the great sector of digital painting, but it's kind of unsatisfying... on the one hand, to get to the real hardcore naturalistic stuff, I need much more practice, and on the other hand, that hardcore naturalistic stuff don't interests me that much - cause if you need photorealism, you can go and take a photo, don't you?

I think the sense of a picture in this time is to see, that it's a picture - in a good way ;)

Have a nice day! :D