June 6, 2014

Welcome to the jungle...

....because why not.

I promised videos, but I still didn't post any. WHY?! Because of some uncertain reasons I cannot link them here, and we don't know for certain why, but since I don't have admin rights for the account they're uploaded on (it's the schools acc) I have to wait till others fix that problem. But it's worked on!

So anyways, have some weird experiment pic now. Still trying to get into digital painting. I don't even want to be photorealistic like others, but it's still tricky to make stuff look good.

So what do you think?
Cool or crap? Let me know! :D

See you next week ;)


  1. Cool things first, I like the lighting very much.
    You asked for an honest criticism, so here it comes: I'd rework the left-hand pinkie (especially the lower part, looks more like a thumb that way) and the hairline looks a tad too flat to me.
    The way the rifle sits on the shoulder, it would probably break it at recoil or slip right up and hit him in the face. Just sits too high, if you're shooting a rifle you'd want the butt to sit snugly against your shoulder, not on top. Plus, I'd have a hard look at some real rifles (e.g. http://offgridsurvival.com/wp-content/themes/church_10/images/2013/04/partsrifle.jpg), the stock part is often slanted downwards so it fits against your shoulder but the scope is about where your eyes would be. You'd still need to tilt your head somewhat downwards to aim through the scope, though. Some models are sort of straight, but I've never seen one with a bent-up stock like yours.
    Your firearm model looks like a mix of a rifle and a machine gun, but since the latter are firing so many shots at a time you don't even have to aim and would still hit someone. The guy up there looks more like a sniper to me, so...
    Some reference: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3d/US_Navy_080927-M-1152R-027_Lance_Cpl._Marco_S._Buehler,_a_scout_sniper_assigned_to_Battalion_Landing_Team_2-6_of_the_26th_Marine_Expeditionary_Unit_%28MEU%29,_fires_his_MK-11_sniper_rifle_from_a_CH-46_Sea_Knight_helicopter.jpg

    1. Hello!
      Thank you very much for this long comment!! And sorry, I'm still having issues that blogspot won't let me comment on any blog D:

      Also, thank you for the critique, this is really helpful.
      I had some reference material, the gun is supposed to be a sniper, but I just payed attention to the the rough posture... what you're saying about how the gun sits on the shoulder and the telescope make sense, thank you for that; I'll know what to look out for the next time :D
      That pinkie and the flat hairline really look strange now that you pointed that out.
      Thank you so much for your honest criticism!! :D