June 21, 2013


Hey there! 8D

Yeahhhh.....I have to write a report and a childrens book till tuesday and two exam tests on friday AND I have to cut some vids togehter till wednesday...let's start with something completely unrelated! 8D

So I told you a few times we're doing that animation for our title design in the film class; some weeks ago we did a test animation, rotoscoped from a random vid of a ballett dancer, and all of us did 3seconds of animation.
This is my part:

That's why I love animation, it's just too fascinating to draw something and then watch how it becomes something that actually moves :D
The hair is completely free hand btw ;)

Plus, before I went to Vienna last week (yes, I was in Vienna! It was pretty cool! But I had nearly no time to draw something XD) I drew this one somewhen deep in the night, just before I went to sleep. Basis was a gif I found... on tumblr or something... I dunno ^^°

Beware oft the sketchy lines! :D

Also I tried a freehand animation, but that will have to wait :( Too much to do!

 Yeah, and now I'm going to do something useful.  See you next week! ^^

June 8, 2013

New wallpaper

Hey out there! :)

I have a new graphic tablet :D Yay me! ^^
And although I have enough other stuff to do, I sketch and scribble around with it... :'D
This thing is so different from the gt I had before... I think I still need some time to get used to it... ^^° And because I'm a color noob, I work only black n white right now XD

So last week I made a new wallpaper for my pc:

Yes - it's Emma and Locks again ;) Sorry, can't help it. I hope the examination period won't eat too much of my energy, cause I want to get this thing started.

What are your plans for summer? Tell me! :D

And have a nice day ;)