January 4, 2013

New year, new post

Long time no see!
Sorry for the break, now I'm back again :D

So first, THANK YOU, my 24 Followers! I hope you keep on enjoying the stuff here and keep on linking my blog wherever you can so that I'll get thousands and thousands of loyal disciples and will be able TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD SOON 8D

... okay, skip the last one. But keep on reading and having fun here ;D

And take some sketches more! 8D

Miss Roswitha today ;D

Many of my friends said they absolutely love this picture and adore her beauty and stuff and like that her face is detailed while the rest is still very sketchy. I think mainly she's too thin, even if this chara is supposed to be that thin... what do you think? :D

 A fellow student uses such a little suitcase in classes. I love it! It's so cute and different from all these same looking handbags ;D Don't you think? ^^

So, anything else to say?  Some new years wisdom maybe? 8D
Just one. Don't look back.
Have a nice day ;)

PS: I changed the textcolor to dark blue, cause someone said it would fit the rest of blogcolors better. Please tell me if you like this better, if you want the black back, if you like it or it makes the texts unreadable... anything!


  1. Happy New Year! :D
    I like the sketches, especially the first one. It's very spontaneous.

    Text is still black for me, btw, but I think black fits in pretty well too

    1. Thank you! And Happy New Year to you, too! :D

      Yeah, for me the text is black, too... but if I look it up in the template designer it's shown as dark blue. No idea what's going on there! o0

  2. Nice work, really! Love your style and skills!!

    Dark blue is way better than black, so thumb up.

    1. Thank you very much! :D
      And thank you for the feedback, even if I still see the text as black... :'D
      Strange things are going on here ;D

    2. You're very welcome :D

      Maybe it's a matter of settings, e.g. contrast and such? Best way to proove: Make a test post with dark blue and black text next to each other! OR - make a medium blue out of the dark blue, haha :p

    3. I tried making the text white, and that didn't work o0 Something strange is going on here....

  3. Das obere Bild finde ich sehr geheimnisvoll :D

  4. Die untere Skizze gefällt mir am besten - richtig professionell :))

    Werd das alles mal weiter verfolgen, du hast ein großes Talent :))

    glg, Sandra

    1. Danke fürs verfolgen XD und für den Kommentar :D :D :D