January 28, 2013

That guy in the caddy

It's been a while, and probably there will be some time till' I post again. Why?
Tests! Written examinations! DEADLINES!!!

Which also means, I'll probably show you some of the stuff I've done last time for these. Yay!

Have some scribbles now, so that I can go back to work ;D

Guys in shopping cards  8D This is more comfortably than it looks like. Sometimes I wished I had a shopping card for my own XD
But I got no place for that anyway.

They're from my sketchbook. I like to draw weird stuff the last time.... And city views! But it's too cold to sit outside at the moment.... Spring, I'm waiting for you! >o<

Btw, are these pics blurred on your screen, too?? (or too dark, too light... whatever, tell me) Because they shouln't.... or I've messed up some settings... gnn

Anyway, have a nice time! :D

January 18, 2013

Viva la procrastination!

It's super effective!"

Because if I have other stuff to do, I'm always creative enough to doodle around 8D

Page from my sketchbook. Multiliner, copic and white pigment liner.
... I love rainy pictures :D

Any tipps how I get myself back to the important stuff? :'D

January 14, 2013

Something unusual...

... for as it is without any person on it.

This pic was made for my illustration class, because we should illustrate some word with "head" in it. But you know, (nearly) everyone drew heads for that task, and I draw heads all day and so I wanted to do a picture that clearly illustrates a word with "head" in it, but without any head shown on the picture itself.

Guess which word 8D

It's basically ink on drawing board, with a fake background of photoshop layers on it.

My prof liked it  :'D
What do you think? ^^

Don't loose your head ;)

January 9, 2013

Still scribbling

...and hey out there! :D

How are you doin?

I'm currently stuck in the last weeks of my first term of design studies, YAY! Next semester will be more specified than this one (we have ten subjects now and will chose 3 of them to work on).

Soo... but of course I'm studying very, very hard right now (yeah, see these as some last words of a soul in despair :'D), there are still only scribbles, but YES, we absolutely love scribbles! That's also why you'll probably have them in the next post, too :'D

Beware, these are really scribbles, not like the sketches from the last post XD

That's how the term felt after the christmas holidays :'D...
 -"Come and get me, term, I'm ready for you!"
*term chose tasks. It's super effective! Critical hit!*

Yep, and this is what I produce when I'm trying to draw in a museum. First I took all my patience and drew some folds of a statue, and then I just wanted to take that lawn chair and hit somebody. Don't worry, I didn't.But that museum is fascinating, and a labyrinth... I don't think I would have found out of there alone :'D
What do you think? How's your life? What are your plans? :D

Have a nice day! :D

January 4, 2013

New year, new post

Long time no see!
Sorry for the break, now I'm back again :D

So first, THANK YOU, my 24 Followers! I hope you keep on enjoying the stuff here and keep on linking my blog wherever you can so that I'll get thousands and thousands of loyal disciples and will be able TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD SOON 8D

... okay, skip the last one. But keep on reading and having fun here ;D

And take some sketches more! 8D

Miss Roswitha today ;D

Many of my friends said they absolutely love this picture and adore her beauty and stuff and like that her face is detailed while the rest is still very sketchy. I think mainly she's too thin, even if this chara is supposed to be that thin... what do you think? :D

 A fellow student uses such a little suitcase in classes. I love it! It's so cute and different from all these same looking handbags ;D Don't you think? ^^

So, anything else to say?  Some new years wisdom maybe? 8D
Just one. Don't look back.
Have a nice day ;)

PS: I changed the textcolor to dark blue, cause someone said it would fit the rest of blogcolors better. Please tell me if you like this better, if you want the black back, if you like it or it makes the texts unreadable... anything!