January 31, 2012

Some Fanservice ;D

Hi out there! :D (Special Hi to my 5th follower! 8D YAY!)

So, after posting several pictures of half-naked women I guess it's time for some equality...of course there are lots of women who like to look at nice pictures of women out there, but I guess there are also lots of girls wo like to see hot guys, too XD
I began to draw this on Sunday, didn't do anything yesterday and finished it today. I admit that I didn't pay as much attention to this picture as I do to others sometime. Instead I set clear priorities, such as....
....I think it's clear where my priorities were ;)

And yes, it's on the beach. I WANT SUMMER RIGHT NOW! (just 'til summer, than I will scream for winter again. It's always the same, no one can help that XD) Warm and sunny! 8D The whole thing is just pencil on paper, size A4 again.
And no, I used no references on this one.
Maybe there will be a color version. Maybe. Well...
YUS! And I dedicate this entry to my friend Astara, because it's her birthday today! 8D

Have a nice day ;)


January 30, 2012

A myyyyyyyystic forest

Hi out there! :D

Today is my birthday, but I have nothing spectacular for you these days, so I will just show you a pic I drew this morning. I think I got the mood, but I'm not 100% satisfied with that pic...But I can't even exactly say why. Guess I have to think about that some time.
But not today. ;)
And have a nice day, as always ;D


January 28, 2012

There will be frogs

Hi out there! :D

When I began my hands-on training, my boss told me 'there shall be frogs' and so there were frogs. XD

Okay, seriously. There's an organisation named Amphibian Ark, wich is trying to save amphibeans (that for short, for more information I linked their page. Have a look! :D), and because they are a non-profit-organisation (and we love frogs ;D), we did some illustrations for a poster of them for free.
These frogs are the very first thing I colored in Photoshop! 8D They are the very first drawing-thingy I finished on the pc at all. And here you go:

Aren't they cute? :3
By the way, that poster by Amphibian Ark will be in zoos all over the world somewhen in summer or so, and it's full with adorable frog illustrations by several artists :) Go and have a look than, I'll remind you when it's de facto out there! :)

Have a nice day! :D


January 27, 2012


Hi out there!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was on an art school, to let them criticise my portfolio, and I had to take the train 3 hours down there, staying for about 4 hours and than drive 3 hours back. I was kind of dead in the evening ^^;

But well! Today I'll show you what I regulary do in my freetime: Producing pictures with pencil only :) (It's really handy if you go to school and stuff, cause you can easy pic up and lay down the pic every second, so that you can just stick the picture between your papers. That's how I survived school and the reason why my grades weren't the best XD)

Here you go:

Pencil in several degrees of hardness, on cheapest A4 copy paper ;)  
That line in the middle was produced by the scanner (I scanned it at least 3 times and it always put that line on there :< )
Like always, I drew the characters really quickly and than spend lots of time in putting light and shadow and other unnecessary details on it, while the background was still white. In the end I had to be forced to draw that damn background. What is it with backgrounds at all? Maybe I should work on them to have more fun with that stuff. And to make it better looking of course. Narf.

Have a nice time! :D

January 25, 2012

A Frog Pattern :D

Hi out there! :D

Today: Frogs! 8D Lots of them. And there will be definitely more in the future. Not that I have a special addiction to frogs, I just drew them when I started my hands-on training, but more about that later.

This pattern was an idea of my boss, who saw some dinosaur-pattern online and was like "Hey, try something like that! 8D" and so I did.
The first sketches were made in Photoshop, but the final version of this pattern was made in Flash (because of vectors and stuff), and I realized that I hate Flash for it's automatic line correction XD So there were like 9 or 10 tryings before the pattern was really seamless. But in the end we were victorious! 8D

So here I proudly present: THE FROG PATTERN! 8D

Nice, isn't it? XD
Maybe I'll print that on fabric and do a crazy dress or something with it XD

Have fun! :D

January 24, 2012

A Copic Girl

Hello out there! :D

After yesterday my bankcard was diagnosed as defect, my train was over 30 minutes late and finally my bed broke down, I hope my day today will be a better day (wow, that were lots of days in that sentence)
 Apparently I have to buy a new bed now, which means my own PC is far away again. Damn you, bad luck!
I wanted to do some analog stuff again, so I grabbed my pencil, sketched a girly girl and colored it with copics. Why is it that everyone cries about how hard it is to color skin with copics? O_o Actually I think it's kind of the easiest part of the picture. But on the other hand I'm not working in big spaces with copics, so maybe that's part of the secret... Don't know. I also tried to work out another style. Something more comic-like. Or similar.
Just have a look.

So what do you think?


January 23, 2012

Random Photoshop Experiment again

Heyo out there! :D

I wanted to post early this day, but blogspot didn't want do load the site, and I was allready panicing that I wouln't be able to do my daily post D:  Is that a common problem or was it just me this time?

Anyway, I weren't very productive today, but we (or: my boss XD) found out how to make a realistic-looking ink-brush-brush for outlines and we spend the rest of the afternoon playing around with that one. In the end it lend me to this result:

Martini, yay! 8D ... don't really like that drink, but it looks so fancy ;D
Yeah, it's very very pink again ^^; (I have no idea where this comes from, I'm not even that fan of this color.. whatever) The coloration is a little experiment, too, because I didn't actually colored any picture in this way before. But I like it and it was very fast done...so maybe I'll do some more pictures this or a similar way ^^

Well. Enjoy!

January 20, 2012

Something about manga issues and more unfinished digital stuff

Hi out there! 8D

I feel a little dizzy, cause I didn't slept that well (there was a thunderstorm with everything, and I woke up a several times, and continued to build the sounds from outside into my dreams. That led me to a dream where mini-tornadoes destroyed the car of my sister (which was more funny than frightening, and at some point I realized that my sister doesen't even own a car....) ...well.)

It's the digital painting again, I worked on it a little bit, and here's another snapshot of the current state of work.
Are all digital drawers that slowly? I guess not, but I think I'll have to learn more in this section ^^;

 Something is still not right with that. I just can't figure out what...

And here's the new comic ;)

....she's got that talent XD

Have a nice day ;)


January 19, 2012

An Unfinished Digital Painting

Hi out there!

At the moment I'm working on a new painting in photoshop, and it's a character from the (maybe someday comic... bla) story again ;) Buuuut this time it's not just for the lulz! It's free from my mind and I've got no drawing pattern at all... so if you find mistakes in anatomy or light/shadow, or have any other tips and tricks, feel free to tell me, I'm still a beginner in the digital section. Even if its only an unsure guess! :D
 More progress maybe tomorrow ;)

Have a nice day! :D

January 18, 2012

Something about my normality. And music!

Hi out there! :D

As promised, another comic about my daily life ^^ 

Yes, typically I don't talk to my pictures while drawing. I rather rant and rave at them. (For some reason it's especially the pencil-pictures I rant on, and nearly never stuff in ink or photoshop or something.... Maybe cause I use pencils most of the time?)
Anyone who can understand? ;)

Aaaand here a link to promised music XD Klick me, I'm an enchanted link!
Svetlana Chmacova, a canadian manga-artist whose comics I adore, drew the cover and linked to the band. Fist I just wanted to hear what it's all about, then I ended up listening the whole album 4 or 5 times at a stretch. For a debut it's really good in my ears ;D Probably I will buy that CD as soon as I can.

Have a nice day!

January 17, 2012

More Art Noir

Hi out there! (...and special HI to my third Follower. YAY! :D)

Today, more Art Noir (yes, I finally made more than one picture in the same style/work method ^^;)
It's from the same story, too. :B Only this time I used marker paper instead of copy paper, so that the ink didn't bleed into it. That worked out well (there was no bleeding at all), but the paper fluted instead (not sure if this is the right term, doh...) cause there was too much wetness :B Guess I've got to find some better paper, something that dosen't bleed and is thick enough....but special ink paper is expensive >_<

One day I will get myself that koi-pendant ^^
Btw there will be more comics tomorrow ;D

Have a nice day ^^

January 16, 2012

Some Art Noir

Hi out there!

Time to try out something new! (Yeah, well, maybe I should work on ONE method at the time... or screw it, I just want to try out.)
This one is based on a scene from my (wannabe-someday-a-comic-but-is-still-in-progress-)story, and this is one of the main characters. Say Hello to Mr. Fhay! :D

Its pure black ink on cheap copy paper (which was a mistake, cause the ink was bleeding on several points >o<)

No comic today, sorry! :B


January 14, 2012

Yet another experiment

Hi out there! :D

I just wanted to see how the colors work in this one, so I took a (s/w) photograph, traced the rough outlines and scribbled the colours onto the picture.

It's just a sketch, but I really like it...

Love to all of you out there! :D


January 13, 2012

Nothing spectacular today, but more about titanic ;D

....and here's another comic strip for you. :)
By the way, Hi! to my second follower! ;D

Have fun! :)

January 12, 2012

Another experiment and something about Titanic

Hi out there! (and a special Hi to my first follower... Hi! :D)

So, today my boss showed me a method to combine analog with digital painting. The principle is easy, you just take a black/white/grey analog painting, scan it and put the colors with photoshop under the structure, so you can still see the original drawing style through...

My quick trying looks this way:

I really like the effect that you can still see the rough brush stroke coming through.

Well, and I finished another comic strip...true story again ;)

Have a nice day! :D

January 11, 2012

Copic Girl

'lo out there!

Yeah, that's just an old one, these ones who get here from dA allready know it...But who cares, we all love pretty girls 8D

It's also the very third picture I drew with copics - the first one was a gift (I drew it with someone else's copics and I only ), the second was for a competition (I send in the original and never heard or saw anything of it again. Never send in your originals anywhere! >___<'*)

Enjoy! 8D

 Besides, I want that high heels.


January 10, 2012

Just a little comic strip

Hello out there!

No pictures of further experiments today, instead a little comic strip of something that happend to me last week.
Enjoy! 8D

I really said that.


January 9, 2012

Back from weekend with new pictures 8D

Hi out there!

After a busy weekend I got more pictures for you! 8D

This first was made after this tutorial, and I didn't care sooo much on the figure itself but more on the effects all around... it's funny, how you can produce a pic that is somewhat okay in a really short time, just through simple effects and stuff :B

And second, I produced a profile-pic for myself... from a pencil-sketch, inked with brush pen and 5 min coloration on photoshop.

Think it fits me XD
Cheers, see you soon

January 6, 2012

Digital Painting Try

Hi out there! Today I did my first digital painting with Photoshop, trying to imitate human skin best as I can :X Plus, my boss set me a time limit of one hour only ;)

This is the final good:

 Think it's not that bad for a first try 8D


January 5, 2012

The hatching growing dinosaur 8D

Hi out there! 8D

Here at my hands-on training I'm learning flash-basics the last time :3 My boss wanted me to make a little animation of a bird hatching out an egg, but I thought birds are boring, and so I tried to make some lizard (which quickly developed into some dinosaur XD).
It's very sketchy, but I just investet like 1 and a half hour in this animation, and for a simple trial and error it's okay I think ^^

January 4, 2012

The Koi Lady

Hi out there! :D

Those who came here from deviantArt or animexx may allready know this picture, so why did I upload it again? The reason is, I finally could scan it without loosing the original colors and much of the details. So this could be interesting for those who allready know the pic, too ;D

Compare this 
with this:

 See the difference? :)
As before, outlines with grey ink and coloration with water colour.

Have fun!

January 3, 2012

Little warm-up

Hi out there! 8D

Here is a warm-up. I will use this blog (as opposed to platforms like deviantArt and animexx) to upload some quick sketches and scribbles, too . So you've got some exclusive works here ;)

This one came into existence when I was waiting for the train to get home. A tall girl was walking through the underground part of the station and I was fascinated by her walking. I can't even say what it was exactly (she wasn't extremely beautiful or walked extremely elegant or something like that) but I sat down at the station and drew a quick skech of her.

Pencil on A5 sketchbook paper, working time ~5 minutes

See you! :)

January 2, 2012

The very first post

Hi out there!
This is Naki, the one with that hat, and this is my first blog. I will upload drawings, paintings, digital art, scribbles, comics, sketches, doodles and other stuff around design, drawing and illustration here. First pictures will come soon - Enjoy!