January 31, 2012

Some Fanservice ;D

Hi out there! :D (Special Hi to my 5th follower! 8D YAY!)

So, after posting several pictures of half-naked women I guess it's time for some equality...of course there are lots of women who like to look at nice pictures of women out there, but I guess there are also lots of girls wo like to see hot guys, too XD
I began to draw this on Sunday, didn't do anything yesterday and finished it today. I admit that I didn't pay as much attention to this picture as I do to others sometime. Instead I set clear priorities, such as....
....I think it's clear where my priorities were ;)

And yes, it's on the beach. I WANT SUMMER RIGHT NOW! (just 'til summer, than I will scream for winter again. It's always the same, no one can help that XD) Warm and sunny! 8D The whole thing is just pencil on paper, size A4 again.
And no, I used no references on this one.
Maybe there will be a color version. Maybe. Well...
YUS! And I dedicate this entry to my friend Astara, because it's her birthday today! 8D

Have a nice day ;)


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