January 18, 2012

Something about my normality. And music!

Hi out there! :D

As promised, another comic about my daily life ^^ 

Yes, typically I don't talk to my pictures while drawing. I rather rant and rave at them. (For some reason it's especially the pencil-pictures I rant on, and nearly never stuff in ink or photoshop or something.... Maybe cause I use pencils most of the time?)
Anyone who can understand? ;)

Aaaand here a link to promised music XD Klick me, I'm an enchanted link!
Svetlana Chmacova, a canadian manga-artist whose comics I adore, drew the cover and linked to the band. Fist I just wanted to hear what it's all about, then I ended up listening the whole album 4 or 5 times at a stretch. For a debut it's really good in my ears ;D Probably I will buy that CD as soon as I can.

Have a nice day!

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