January 25, 2012

A Frog Pattern :D

Hi out there! :D

Today: Frogs! 8D Lots of them. And there will be definitely more in the future. Not that I have a special addiction to frogs, I just drew them when I started my hands-on training, but more about that later.

This pattern was an idea of my boss, who saw some dinosaur-pattern online and was like "Hey, try something like that! 8D" and so I did.
The first sketches were made in Photoshop, but the final version of this pattern was made in Flash (because of vectors and stuff), and I realized that I hate Flash for it's automatic line correction XD So there were like 9 or 10 tryings before the pattern was really seamless. But in the end we were victorious! 8D

So here I proudly present: THE FROG PATTERN! 8D

Nice, isn't it? XD
Maybe I'll print that on fabric and do a crazy dress or something with it XD

Have fun! :D

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