January 28, 2012

There will be frogs

Hi out there! :D

When I began my hands-on training, my boss told me 'there shall be frogs' and so there were frogs. XD

Okay, seriously. There's an organisation named Amphibian Ark, wich is trying to save amphibeans (that for short, for more information I linked their page. Have a look! :D), and because they are a non-profit-organisation (and we love frogs ;D), we did some illustrations for a poster of them for free.
These frogs are the very first thing I colored in Photoshop! 8D They are the very first drawing-thingy I finished on the pc at all. And here you go:

Aren't they cute? :3
By the way, that poster by Amphibian Ark will be in zoos all over the world somewhen in summer or so, and it's full with adorable frog illustrations by several artists :) Go and have a look than, I'll remind you when it's de facto out there! :)

Have a nice day! :D


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