January 27, 2012


Hi out there!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was on an art school, to let them criticise my portfolio, and I had to take the train 3 hours down there, staying for about 4 hours and than drive 3 hours back. I was kind of dead in the evening ^^;

But well! Today I'll show you what I regulary do in my freetime: Producing pictures with pencil only :) (It's really handy if you go to school and stuff, cause you can easy pic up and lay down the pic every second, so that you can just stick the picture between your papers. That's how I survived school and the reason why my grades weren't the best XD)

Here you go:

Pencil in several degrees of hardness, on cheapest A4 copy paper ;)  
That line in the middle was produced by the scanner (I scanned it at least 3 times and it always put that line on there :< )
Like always, I drew the characters really quickly and than spend lots of time in putting light and shadow and other unnecessary details on it, while the background was still white. In the end I had to be forced to draw that damn background. What is it with backgrounds at all? Maybe I should work on them to have more fun with that stuff. And to make it better looking of course. Narf.

Have a nice time! :D

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