January 23, 2012

Random Photoshop Experiment again

Heyo out there! :D

I wanted to post early this day, but blogspot didn't want do load the site, and I was allready panicing that I wouln't be able to do my daily post D:  Is that a common problem or was it just me this time?

Anyway, I weren't very productive today, but we (or: my boss XD) found out how to make a realistic-looking ink-brush-brush for outlines and we spend the rest of the afternoon playing around with that one. In the end it lend me to this result:

Martini, yay! 8D ... don't really like that drink, but it looks so fancy ;D
Yeah, it's very very pink again ^^; (I have no idea where this comes from, I'm not even that fan of this color.. whatever) The coloration is a little experiment, too, because I didn't actually colored any picture in this way before. But I like it and it was very fast done...so maybe I'll do some more pictures this or a similar way ^^

Well. Enjoy!

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