January 26, 2014

First post of the new year ;)

Happy new year!

Yeahhh it's a little too late, but the last time was - is - still stressy... ^^° But I've got some stuff in the backhand I'll post at the end of semester so that you can see what I'm working on all day ;)

ALSO - For some reason, I couln't answer comments the last time, so pls don't be sad/angry that I didn't react, I'm working on the problem ^^; In the meantime you can stalk me on several other platforms and chat with me there ;)

So, what do I have for you this time...?
Composition-scribbles :D

The first one is my favourite :D

As I said before, I did the storyboard for my film classes and I really like the format. Also I love pictures that look like movie stills, when characters are not just posing or something but are acutally doing stuff... It's more dynamic and lifelike and everything, and I have a looooooooong road to go till I get there XD But it's fun! I hope I'll have some more time in the semester break...

So, serious stuff next time. Until then - Happy January! :D
Take care! ;)