August 30, 2016

Much color! So wow ! :D

A comic page in color!

Since I'm scribbling comic pages a lot the last time, and an online discussion about making comics, I decided to give it a shot and convert one of the scribs in full color.

Fitting to the hot weather outside, everything is covered in snow and ice :'D

Here we go!
I made full color comic pages before, but this felt a lot different. It's not just that it's not the cartoony style and more complex outlines but also the amount of thought that goes into the coloring and shading. In the end, this thing consumed a lot more time to make than I give to pics usually, and easily like 4 or 5 times the amount of the cartoon pages :'D

That to say, I'm really glad how the atmosphere turned out. I wanted it to be light and cold when this characters meet the first time, and that just works so much better in color <3 

Still, as much as I love the results, I think if I ever manage to serialize a comic, color pages will be an exception bc they eat up so much work and time ^^° 

What do you think? :D

Have a nice day! ^^

August 15, 2016

Summer Break is over

...if you can call this weather summer at all :D
It was bad enough to give me a week lasting cold >__<*'

Anyways, I've been practicing some running sketches and quick digital colo! :D

Also I'm trying to put one of the comic pages I've scribbled in the last time in color, so stay tuned for that one. @_@

Have fun! :D