March 27, 2015

"The faceless girl" - Part 2 - Color

Heyho everyone! :D

As I promised, the pictures from the post before - now in COLOR!

Color done in Photoshop. A klick will make them bigger as usual ;)

Again, I tried to illustrate different daytimes/light situations and surfaces - which is so much more easy with color. At last I with this pictures it was!

Pencil-outlines are always a little bit messy to work with, because you usually don't have the clear borders ink has, and with a black n white scan too much gets lost. I'm still trying to find a better solution here (suggestions and tips always welcome), even if I really like how they turned out here! :>
My favourite is the third one; I've always disliked grey and brown, but they look so great. I might even overcome the aversion against these colors, if they always turn out to be so harmonious ;D Do you have a favourite? :D

That's it from me now, see you soon ;)

Experiment bonus:

Take care!

March 20, 2015

"The faceless girl" - Part 1

Hello everyone! :D

No, this is not about horror monsters, sorry ;) It's more a little experiment; if you draw humans, the focus is nearly always on the face. Which is pretty logical, because it's where most of the communication is sourced from. as a result, most artists start with the head and face and build the whole picture around it, using the head as scale.
And while I'm not going that far to leave the head out completely, lets see how good you can transport a personality without seeing the face of the person!

These are the first three, and they will come in color, too. Two are allready finished, you'll see all three next week! ;)
As so often I used pencil and mechanical pencil on common drawing board; and I tried to capture some more unusual light or surface situations, like hard sunlight in the first, or the shadow on the water in the last one. It was not as hard as I believed, and I love every single one of them :D
If you have any suggestions of what light/surface compositions I should try, let me know in a comment!  \°o°/

That's it for now, stay tuned and take care.
See you next week in fresh color! :D