July 14, 2014

Captain America - Animation Video!! :D


Hello dears, long time no see!
The last weeks were a little hard, bc the examination period is a little earlier here, and it's nearly OVER! :D and then the whole application stuff for an internship starts.... aaahhhhh AND WE WON THE WORLD CUP! YAY! :D

Anyways, we had to make a viral video for one of my courses - no further restraints, except it has to reach about 1000 views in a week - and bc I'm not doing any animation for my film class this semester, I decided to do a flash animation film, YAY! And because I'm a nerd, I made the new Captain America movie the topic of it XD (you'll find the vid on the bottom of this post! ;) )

So I started with some simple sketches ....
<--  like this

  .....and put some layers of lineart and color on top....

 like that -->

.....and at the end of the day*, after hours of drawing and trying to get the backgrounds that people would somehow recognize what scene that might be, I had results like this:

.... this...

....stuff that is more dramatic....
....and some stuff that is more fun XD.

Luckily I had a great help with all the animation stuff - thanks again for that, Jule! :D You're my saviour ;) AND WE GOT IT FINISHED, FINALLY!!

Share, leave a like or a comment, criticize or just enjoy! ;)

Have a nice day! :D

*It's just a phrase, we didn't made that thing in a day, more in like a couple of days without any (or with very little) sleep and with lots and lots of energy drinks and coffee intus... 8D

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  1. LOL, jetzt habe ich euer Filmchen auch verstanden!!! ^^
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....ist das geil!! Ich glaube jetzt halten mich meine Nachbarn für verrückt...wenn sie das nicht so oder so schon machen! XD Ist das geil!!
    Das hast du mal richtig gut gemacht!! *knuddel*