February 20, 2016

Some watercolor!


How're you all??
First of all, sorry for my abstinence here, life is tough at the moment, and things are rarely going the way I want them to. Also I want to thank the two anonymous commentators who were worried I might have abandoned the blog. I didn't! I was just not able to post anything.
Anyways, I started to learn Illustrator and InDesign a bit, and I will post some stuff I made in these, so there might be some different stuff from what is here now in the future. Also, if anyone can rec some good tutorials for either one of the two programs above or Photoshop, I'd be very happy!! :D

Meanwhile I grabbed my water colors and did some warming up :D An yup, it's the police team again ;)

I love jalousies!

So, I hope you're all still alive and well everybody!! I love you! See you soon! >o<

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