March 15, 2016

Space Posters! :D

Yeaaaaah, hello everyone! :D

Here's the stuff that's completely different to the stuff that's usually on this blog! :D
As I told y'all in previous posts, I'm trying to get used to Illustrator and Indesign these days, and yup there's gonna be some graphic stuff in the next time, but don't worry, I won't stop drawing ;)
So here we go:

Ain't space pretty? The "Constancy" one is our nice and shiny sun (obviously), the "Chaos" one is the "Witch Head Nebula", a very cool interstellar sun-breeding location, check it out!
The whole thing was pretty much new territory for me, as I have worked with vectors before (in Flash) but more like "ok I draw this with this shitty tools here so I can scale it up to infinity and beyond" and not with much actual use of specific instuments and tools of the program. And bc of that, I was looking for a tutorial that didn't require too much knowledge of the program but wasn't all too basic, too. And so I found this:  
How To Create a Dark Lunar Poster Design with PS & AI 
I have to say I liked to play around with the geometric patterns and elements a lot, and I'm looking forward to combine them with my drawings somehow ;) The whole photo manipulation in PS was allready familiar but I didn't do that for the sake of photo manip before, so I learned a bunch of new stuff there, too :D All'round this was fun! The other tutorials of the page sound great, too, and I'm allready on another one, that might come up here next ;) If you're interested, check the page out, apart from tutorials they have a nice bunch of free stuff and in their tuts are always links too other pages with great resources, too :D

Have a great day, everyone! ^^


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