February 10, 2012

ACEO and some information

Hey out there! :D

Okay, bad news first, there will be no posts the next week. That's because I'll be in Berlin for a qualification test on an art school, and I'm not sure how much time there will be to go online and do daily posts and stuff. Sorry! D:

So, but today there is another Kakao-Card, and a very nice person told me it's ACEO or ATC in english. (Klick here for wikipedia ;) ) Thank you! :D

This one is made with black ink and analog screen tone :)

Actually I like working with analog screen tone, even if it's more work than digital screen tone and not as half as easy to get along with it. And it's expensive. Damn, that stuff has absolutely no advantages... :B
Well than.
Over and out here, see you on Monday the 20th of February! :D

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