February 8, 2012

Kakao-Cards! :D

Hey out there!

Yes, I draw Kakao* Cards, too. ;D (I'm not sure if they exist in english) And there will be some more the next time.
Let's start with one I drew some time ago, when my copics were still new XD There was a sudden character change on the picture when I realized that I had no idea how to draw blonde hair (I figured it out somehow now...). So he got a slightly different hairstyle and some changes in face and chlothes, and viĆ²la, Othis was there XD

Smoking, coffee-drinking guy again... Guess I have a pattern there XD

Have a nice day! :D

*Kakao: Karten-Kunst, Auflagen und Originale -> Card-Art, print run and originals

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