October 29, 2012

Very dark problems

Guess what about?

Yes - inking! 8D (no, I'm not writing about autum/winter depression here XD)

So there are several ways to ink something, and all of them look slightly or entirely different. And I'm struggling which way to go down with my comic, so....help? 8D

 Manual ink at first. Rough vs. clean lines. Both look cool, both are time consuming; for the rough one it's hard to find a balance between dirty and dynamic, the clean one will tax my patience. 8D

Digital ink. I think I won't go down this route, cause it's time time saving and consuming at the same time. You can correct till it's perfect, but for me it's hard to get a right stroke in the first place, so I'm correcting 90% of the time...

...or I just let ink be ink and go for pencil only. In that case, I need a good scanner ;)

Well, well.

What do you think? 8D

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