December 12, 2012

Copic resurrection

I didn't use my copics for month now, and I was thinking about reselling them again, because digital stuff has its pros. But I nearly forget how much fun working analog is, and now I'm thinking of raising my copic colors and buying some polychromos... :'D

...and this is the result of the resurrection:

As said before, colors with copic markers. Outlines with multiliner on marker paper, scribble with pencil on copy paper. Pose inspired by Bleach :'D

The character will appear in the comic I'm working on - be curious... ;D
Criticism, anyone?

Have a nice day!


  1. This reminds me I haven't touched my markers in years, but I was never any good with those things.
    This looks nice, though. Especially the shading on that glove :) And are those scars on his arm?

    1. Well, I didn't touch them for a long time, because I'm not that good with them either.. but when I never use them, I never practice and never will go better.. it's a vicious circle :'D
      ...mean to say, hey, maybe you should try them out again? ^^
      Thank you for the compliment, though ;D And yep, these are scars ^^