September 10, 2012

There was something....

....called a blog 8|

Which I neglected carelessly the last time. Sorry for that!
Reason is, I decided to go to Nuremberg (mainly cause I can study film/animation there), and since than I'm trying to find a place to move.
And either I'm too stupid or too blind or too whatever, but I don't really find anything that's affordable... and why do some people only offer contact online, when they don't reply on any Email? Gnah. If anyone has a hot tip for any website or something, right now I'm thankful for any advice ^^°

But inbetween, while panic had some rest periods or just went out to get some coffee, I kept on drawing ;D

Doing a quick pencil sketch:

And doodling with brushes and colors afterwards:

Sandstorm, yay! 8D This is my favourite version, but I like this one as well:

What do you think?

Have a nice day! :D


  1. wie wärs mit nem studentenwohnheim? ;)

    1. Achja, das die hab ich vergessen. Bei denen steh ich schon auf der Liste, muss da nur noch die Immatrikulationsbescheinigung nachweisen (die noch nicht bei mir angekommen ist) :B Aber das sieht auch nicht so richtig rosig aus, da komm ich scheinbar etwas spät D: