September 17, 2012

Ranting and Bubbles.

Hey out there!

I'm currently stuck in some deep hole, cause the one half of the world seems to be a gigantic red tape monster that is hunting me with requests and applications, and the other half is the half that offers rooms and flats on the internet and dosen't react on any request. Seriously. I've written lots of requests on flats and roof offers and I recieved only two reactions back, both with a "sorry the room is allready rent to someone!"

......and time is running out. Help, anyone? Am I doing something wrong? Searching on the wrong places?  :(

Anyway, I'm trying out photoshop brushes at night and slowly but steady I get used to them.
Do you remember this post? :D (If not, click on the damn link!) Instead of working the pic out with the pencil I scanned it and just throw digital color on it. 

I love the bubbles. 

Have a nice day! 


  1. love the bubbles? :