June 5, 2012

Headaces, technical things and Invincible again

Hi out there.

Yeah, so I spend nearly the wohle day with headaches. Headaches are bad for drawing.

So instead I picked my mouse into pieces, cause the left click kept on jamming. If you're like me, you always wanted to know how it looks inside that stuff we (nearly) every day use! 8D

Besides, the red arrow shows the cause of the problem, there is a not even one mm deep jag in the plastic. Damn sensitive technology! Trying to fix it with glue now, hope it works.... otherwise, new mouse than :B

But! I'm not going to leave you without showing you pictures again. Have some sketch at first!

Yap, Invincible fanart again. Viltrumites are just cool, but I want to see more of the females. There are so few of them! But they are so cool!

Colored version:
Copic on manga illustration paper.

I mean, they would be just so cool. DAMN cool.
And I kept imagining how the story would have gone, if Invincible's dad was his mum.... Are there au/genderswitch fanfic of that? Are there any fanfics to that comic?

Important questions keeping me awake ;D

Have a nice day/night/evening/morning (whatever time it is while you were reading this)

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