May 31, 2012

It's invincible! 8D

Hi out there! :D

Finally the whole stuff with portfolios is over for the moment... at least until the letters wether I've passed or not will reach me XD

So there is freeeeeeeee~ time now!

...and massive amounts of lazynes somehow. ;)

Time to read some comics instead of drawing stuff 8D
No sooner said than done! So I just re-read the first volume of the ultimate collection of Invincible.

And although I still think it's a great comic, while re-reading it over and over there's more and more stuff that bugs me.
First of all, why, why, WHY has the female main chara has to wear a pink outfit with a venus symbol on her chest? Seriously, we would have known without that she's a woman. It's kind of this OMG WE HAVE FEMALE SUPERHEROES HERE SO WE HAVE THEM TO BE SUPER GIRLY!!!-attiture, and I really can't stand that. It shouln't be such a great thing to have super heroines today. Heyoo out there, woman can wear normal chlothes, too! They don't have to be pink and girly!
(and her special powers sparkle in pink, too. What the fuck!)
Oh, and whoever told them to combine a pink outfit to red hair should be drowed in wall paint. ;)

I mean, would it have had any bad effect if they would have dressed Eve in green instad of pink?

Guess not. 8D

~quick sketch with copic on copic paper


  1. Grüüüüüüüüüüün ! schön, sie hat keinen Atom Busen :D

  2. grün und rot - sind das nicht sogar komplimentärfarben?
    Also definitiv besser als pink und rot XD
    OBWOHL ich nichts gegen pink habe - knallt halt gut ^^
    Aber das Venuszeichen .... und dann zu roten haaren oO ... oh ja, öhm, grüüüün! ^^

    und ich drück dir die daumen, dass du eine positive antwort bekommst ;)